After almost 28 years, Super Mario 64 has been beaten without using the A button (
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Can we please stop adding “After 28 years” to every article and video about this game? on 23 May 12:36 next collapse

not to worry, it won't be long until "after almost 29 years..." on 23 May 13:02 collapse

And then 30 years… on 23 May 13:48 collapse

On and on until…

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“After 28 years” received a 6-minute standing ovation at Cannes on 24 May 13:58 collapse

Completing the trilogy “after 28 days” and “after 28 weeks” on 24 May 15:16 collapse

Only reason I’m not outright dismissing this sequel is because Danny Boyle is directing it. I thought 28 Weeks Later fell short of the original but it was still enjoyable enough. on 23 May 16:07 collapse

This one does seem unnecessary on 23 May 12:32 next collapse

The jump button. Saved you a click. on 23 May 12:59 next collapse

More than that, it does all sorts of things that also had to be worked around. on 23 May 18:14 next collapse

Derp on 23 May 23:51 collapse

I just assumed it was jump before reading it. I never would’ve guessed that that’s the reason people were clicking the article, haha on 23 May 12:47 next collapse

Has no one really done an RTA 70 star ABC before now?

I love the concept of this challenge, good on this lad for doing this, I thought most strats were TAS only. on 23 May 13:05 next collapse

Many still are, but 70 star offers a lot of flexibility in routing to just pick the stars that are RTA-able.

I'm curious what the A count for RTA 120 could be. TAS is 13x, but humans will need more. on 24 May 00:48 collapse

If you want a real challenge, try the beat mario 64 while going through a severely messy divorce without crying while fighting crippling anxiety and depression run. No balls. on 23 May 12:49 next collapse

Clip of the moment it was beaten: ……

Video documentary on the history of this challenge (2022) [5h22m]: on 23 May 12:49 collapse

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Can, without js. on 23 May 13:02 next collapse

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Jokes aside, a lot of devs love watching stuff like speedrunning. It means someone loved their creation enough to minutely analyze it and spend countless hours with it.

eg check out the devs watching a guy beat Psychonauts

(I’m pretty sure there was similar version of this where they guy wasn’t in the room and they were just watching the earlier recording of the speedrun but I can’t find it now) on 23 May 13:47 next collapse

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I would have conflicted feelings about it if I were the devs, often speed runners even forget or don’t even know the story of the game they run lol I imagine it’s like spending all day cooking something really nice and your serve it to someone who absolutely loves the dish but mainly because of the plate you served it on, they come back every day to order it only to throw the food away and stare at the plate on 23 May 16:13 next collapse

Seems more like someone taking a picture of the food, and then leaving without trying it. They still appreciate the food, just not the part that makes it great. on 23 May 16:43 collapse

Maybe for glitchless but in glitch allowed speedruns its basically the plate they see on 23 May 16:37 next collapse

Yeah, I haven’t ever met a speedrunner that hadn’t played the game casually at least a few times. Just because its a running joke that speedrunners don’t care about the story because of the effort taken to skip it to save time doesn’t mean speedrunners literally don’t care about it. Kingdom Hearts speedrunners are the only ones I have met that can hash out the entirety of that convoluted mess. on 23 May 16:42 collapse

Your experience doesn’t invalidate mine. I watch speedrun events very often and and runners will say stuff “Im not really sure why he wants to kill us but skips the entire fight with clever use of game mechanics that was the boss fight!”. Many of them did play the entire game without speedrunning at first, but many dont. on 23 May 18:32 collapse

You’re correct. I’ve watched many live speed runners mention that they only know how to speed run the game because they started playing the game with the intention of speed running it to begin with. on 23 May 19:26 collapse

Thanks for confirming, I know it’s true but it’s funny seeing people downvote my comment as if there was an unspoken rule for speedrunners to experience the game in full before speedrunning on 23 May 20:59 collapse

Social media people are petty on 24 May 16:49 collapse

More like someone giving you a lecture about where every ingredient came from, who gathered it and how it found its way into the dish before letting you eat. Just give me the fucking food I don’t have time for this nonsense. on 24 May 14:18 collapse

a lot of devs love watching stuff like speedrunning

True, but some of them hate it. But with the growing presence of speedrunning friendly features in new titles (looking at you, Supergiant), I think that’s becoming less of a problem.

Either way, these “devs watch” reaction videos are fantastic. on 23 May 13:02 next collapse

For anyone wondering, this was done on the virtual console version, so the floating point glitch that lets you skip the climbing pole from Bowser in the fire Sea is available.

The A Button Challenge still stands for the console versions. on 23 May 13:11 next collapse

“Still stands” means is impossible. Is there also a “no thumbstick” challenge? Or a “no controller plugged in” challenge? on 23 May 13:21 next collapse

Pannenkoek does have a few videos documenting stars that can be beaten with No Joystick Allowed strats (these are old and there are more on the secondary UncommentatedPannen channel but I don't see a playlist compiling them). A full run is definitely not possible, but at least some stars are doable. on 23 May 13:21 collapse

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No Joystick Allowed

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“Still stands” means is impossible.

New to speedrunning? on 23 May 16:48 collapse

“Still stands” means that there is no known way to achieve it. Not that it’s known to be impossible.

Until the discovery of the virtual console glitch for BitFS a few years ago, the A button challenge “still stood” for all cases. on 23 May 15:50 next collapse

Oh boy, is the A Button Challenge still ongoing. There is quite a hunt to further reduce the approx. 18 presses to get 120 stars in a full-game TAS, or to find faster and human-viable strategies to avoid these A presses. on 23 May 18:29 collapse

Damn I was hoping they solved the issue. on 23 May 13:07 next collapse

Cool we’re done we completed games, delete your steams everyone we’re doing crossstich now! on 23 May 13:48 next collapse

WOOOOO YEAH BABY on 23 May 14:45 next collapse

Could they not afford to buy a new controller when the A button broke? on 23 May 14:59 next collapse

In this economy? Better believe I'm looking up the No A Button strats. on 23 May 19:16 collapse

Perhaps it was eaten by the larger buttons on 24 May 00:35 collapse

The A button is already the largest button so it had to be stopped on 23 May 18:07 next collapse

I too can’t wait when biologically-modified dogs, cats and alike beat videogames using their own undeveloped-yet-modified brain for the first time. on 23 May 18:27 next collapse

Came wait for the explanation video to drop. Bowser I’m the Fire Sea was the last stronghold a year ago. Here is a history of the no press challenge.

No Press A on 23 May 18:28 next collapse

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No Press A

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It was the Wii version of Mario 64 not the N64 version. on 24 May 05:32 collapse

For some reason, I thought that was going to be a twenty-minute video, not a five-and-a-half hour sequence. Dang. on 23 May 19:50 next collapse

H h h , th t’s re lly wesome. Congr tz to the pl yers. on 24 May 16:08 collapse

Wow, this success is truly something to be proud of. I extend the most unreserved compliments to the whole group involved. Nintendo’s most well known title is thoroughly deconstructed now. I, for one, find myself delighted by the outcome. on 24 May 16:59 collapse

B sed. on 24 May 20:15 collapse

B sad, because A button gets to rest. on 23 May 20:57 next collapse on 24 May 00:56 collapse

We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new bragging rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all speedrunners. But why, some say, zero A presses? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the highest mountain? Why, 55 years ago, fly to the Moon? Why does Mohun Bagal play the Delhi Capitals? We choose to do zero A presses. We choose to do zero A presses… We choose to do zero A presses in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too. on 24 May 02:08 collapse

That was beautiful, man. I still don’t understand, but I shed a tear regardless. on 23 May 21:29 next collapse

It hasn’t though on 24 May 00:39 collapse

Well now I don’t know what to believe on 24 May 12:47 collapse

Believe in yourself, because you’re smart and can do anything you put your mind to! on 24 May 00:41 next collapse

Step 1: Run the game in an emulator

Step 2: change “A” button function to another button on your controller, set “A” button to a non functional button assignment. NEVER have to press “A” again.

Step 3: PROFIT

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You forgot the most important step: Eat the A button. on 24 May 02:15 next collapse

Why? on 24 May 02:19 collapse

Because they can as well as being fun and novel to try and beat the game in weird, unintuitive ways? There are challenge runs similar to this* in Minecraft that get super popular all the time.

Similar in a conceptual sense, I’ve no idea the relative difficulty of these two different games nor the differing challenges offered in playing these way on 24 May 03:38 collapse