Linux Running on an NES? (
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The author managed to run LUnix on an NES without tricks, like embedding a Raspberry Pi into the cartridge.


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I just saw that SponsorBlock got the same video is working on YouTube, but not piped instances - at least in PipePipe (beautifully named NewPipe+SponsorBlock fork)

Is SponsorBlock even available for such videos?
Is there a way to like link them up to already marked videos or would we have to do the same work again?

I haven’t really spent time with all of that, but as piped is supported by NewPipe/PipePipe, it would be quite convenient to use - but if I lose my SponsorBlock capabilities, I will need to reassess that choice (using piped over YouTube - NewPipe/PipePipe is awesome!) on 13 Feb 2024 15:40 next collapse

I apologize for being pedantic, but he’s not running Linux on the NES, since LUnix is not Linux. This is still a cool project, but the title is a bit misleading. on 13 Feb 2024 17:04 next collapse

Well, yes and he even explains all that in the beginning of the video. on 13 Feb 2024 20:18 collapse

Yeah, but then why still put “Linux running on an NES?” as the title? It’s just click bait on 14 Feb 2024 03:55 next collapse

Well, the title is a question and the answer is: Not quite but near enough.

A title has to catch interest, and in this case I would not say that it is click bait because in the end he kind of put a “Linux” on the “NES”.

I tend to be forgiving when the content behind the click bait title is good, like it is here. on 14 Feb 2024 15:11 collapse

That’s fair on 14 Feb 2024 04:15 next collapse

Would you give the video more than a glance if the title was “Operating System Similar To Linux Running on an NES?” I know I’d just scroll past it compared to the original title. on 14 Feb 2024 15:10 collapse

He probably could have just said Unix instead of Linux. I get why he didn’t, and it’s not that big of a deal, just slightly annoying on 14 Feb 2024 16:31 collapse

Fair. on 19 Feb 2024 09:57 collapse

because linux is now interchangeable with “unix like”
really it’s wrong to call linux linux, linux is just the kernel… gnu/linux is okay… on 13 Feb 2024 18:16 next collapse

Yes, I just kept the original title of the video. on 13 Feb 2024 20:20 collapse

That’s fair. This was more of a complaint about the video than the post. I do still think it’s a cool project, just annoyed by the click bait on 14 Feb 2024 05:33 collapse

Pretty much any rtos now a days has “unix” like commands, I wonder if he looked into nuttx or zephyr at all. on 14 Feb 2024 15:12 collapse

That’d be cool too! on 13 Feb 2024 18:13 collapse

This is awesome