Winning the Silver Cup on Mario Kart 64 as Luigi
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Mario came in first again huh on 27 Apr 16:32 collapse

Sloppy seconds for Luigi everytime. on 27 Apr 21:58 next collapse

Gotta get em all if’n ya want the gold screen cousin! on 27 Apr 22:44 collapse

Daisy where have you been it’s 23:00 on 27 Apr 16:23 next collapse

I still have my original Nintendo 64 Gold edition that I purchased when I was 13 or so. I’ve recently got it hooked back up, and discovered that playing Mario Kart while on my recumbent stationary bicycle makes the time fly past. I speed up my pedaling cadence whenever I’m on straightaways, stop pedaling when I have to hard brake, makes for a more vibrant workout. In fact, it’s worked out so well it has me thinking about how well a gym/arcade hybrid business would do…

Also I finally figured out how to drift for a speed boost, so. come at me, bro on 27 Apr 22:07 next collapse

Well I mean there is a big L right on his hat on 28 Apr 18:10 collapse

Shake and bake in full effect.