Kind of obsessed with this game lately (Windjammers - Neo Geo AES, 1994) (
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Windjammers rocks. It would get its own cabinet if I ever get around to building that arcade. on 23 Aug 2023 09:35 collapse

I'd never be able to afford that, but I'm pretty satisfied with my emulation setup :) on 23 Aug 2023 10:21 collapse

This would have been a conflicted upvote so I’m not doing it. Thanks for your reply and I hope things get better soon.

FYI- building an arcade cabinet yourself from MDF and parts is not an expensive process, and bits can accumulated over time. on 23 Aug 2023 10:26 next collapse

What type of game is it? Why do you like it? 🙂 on 23 Aug 2023 17:39 collapse

I'm not great at explaining, so here's a video :) (not my video) on 23 Aug 2023 17:39 collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

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I’m open-source, check me out at GitHub. on 23 Aug 2023 12:26 next collapse

I played the hell out of this game back in the day. Still love it.

Extra points for it for the frisbee catching dog bonus game. on 23 Aug 2023 13:57 next collapse

When I was a kid and visited the camping with my family they had this game in the local watering hole. Spent a good bit of change there. on 23 Aug 2023 14:13 next collapse

That’s a solid choice, also had my Windjammer period a long time ago :). Never thought a game inspired by Pong could be so good 😅. on 09 Sep 2023 21:36 collapse

Windjammers is awesome. If you’re ever looking to try a different game that’s similar-ish, Bang Bead for Neo-Geo is also great! on 09 Sep 2023 21:41 collapse

I'll check that out, thank you!