Happy New Year by beating Bubble Bobble on my arcade machine
from sv1sjp@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 01 Jan 2024 02:34


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mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 01 Jan 2024 04:04 next collapse

One of my favorite retro games. Never beat it myself. Nice setup!

sv1sjp@lemmy.world on 01 Jan 2024 12:15 collapse

Haha thank you. The arcade has a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 on it,wee didn’t have a TV available so we used the ThinkPad hahah. Happyy new year!

Drusas@kbin.social on 01 Jan 2024 04:33 next collapse

One of my favorite ever games. I was so surprised to learn that you can't properly beat it without having two players alive when you kill the boss.

sv1sjp@lemmy.world on 01 Jan 2024 12:14 collapse

Yep hahaaha, a game about friendship and collaboration

rubythulhu@lemmy.blahaj.zone on 01 Jan 2024 07:43 next collapse

and now the theme is stuck in my head

zero_spelled_with_an_ecks@programming.dev on 01 Jan 2024 09:51 collapse

Do do do dododo do dododo do do do dodododododo dodododo do do do do do

sv1sjp@lemmy.world on 01 Jan 2024 12:15 collapse

Hahahahaha YESS

WalrusByte@lemmy.world on 01 Jan 2024 16:52 next collapse

I love Bubble Bobble so much!

SeeJayEmm@lemmy.procrastinati.org on 02 Jan 2024 12:54 next collapse

This one brings back memories. My mom and I used to play it in my NES when I was a kid.

dmention7@lemm.ee on 01 Jan 2024 03:42 collapse

Congrats and Happy New Year!