The Animation of Final Fantasy V (
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Part five in this long running series looking at the animation in each Final Fantasy game


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FYI for N.A people here. If you grew up in the 90s, you never got to play this.

FF1 was on NES in N.A. Then ff2 and 3 never came to market in N.A.

FF4 came out, but in N.A was called FF2.

The one in the video here; FF5 also never came to N.A at the time (around 1992, I believe).

Then FF6 came out, but was called FF3 in N.A.

After that the legendary FF7 came out, and was actually called FF7 in N.A on the PS1.

Finally, several years after that, around 2000, you could officially purchase the missing games in N.A.

By then, though, most people who wanted to play the missing games had done so via roms and fan made translations.

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I just beat this game today!