8bitdo Pro 2 controller with multiple Android devices
from PreciousPig@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 03 Mar 2024 09:58

Hopefully someone on here has the 8bitdo Pro 2 controller and can answer my question: can it connect to Android-devices on more than just the A-channel on the 4-way bluetooth connection? I have two Android devices that i would like to have connected so I can just change the 4-way bluetooth slider to connect, is this possible? Can Android devices also connect to the D- or X-input channel without issue?


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graymess@lemmy.world on 03 Mar 2024 16:52 next collapse

Sorry, I don’t really have a definite answer I can say from experience. But I think what might be an option if one of your Android devices is a streaming box: Maybe use an 8bitdo USB adapter? That way the controller connects to the adapter via whatever channel that uses and to your other device via Bluetooth.

I’m also replying because I’m curious about options for this kind of setup. Personally, I’d love a controller that can connect to multiple consoles and devices without needing to re-pair. Just pushing a button and changing from my PC to my Switch or Android streaming box. Really wish the All Controller was a success or at least had a successor. One controller for your living room and you’re set for all past and present devices.

PreciousPig@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 14:52 collapse

One is the Google TV CC so unfortunately no USB-inputs. However the other is a USB-C dock mainly to be used with my Logitech Gcloud. So any BT-channel on the Pro 2 would work with the USB-adapter?

I’ve also been looking at newly release Gulikit KingKong Pro Max 3. It has several BT-channels plus one 2.4GHz with the included USB-adapter that unfortunately only seem to support Windows. However, I’ve heard mixed reviews of the KKPM3 in regards to hardware-quality and latency.

graymess@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 16:18 collapse

Now I’m thinking you don’t even need the USB adapter to connect to both your Android devices. The Android mode is probably just another X-Input Bluetooth channel.

Wanderer@lemm.ee on 03 Mar 2024 17:23 next collapse

Well that’s a niche request, didn’t really expect such niche questions to come up on Lemmy. But what’s even more surprising is I can answer.

I set my phone up on D. But I have only connected it to one device currently.

I’ve only had the controller less than a week but it’s legitimately amazing. I was expecting some version of a crappy player two console you bought in a store that’s doesn’t really work or feel right. But also being make of the crappest lightest Chinese shit possible.

The controller feels perfect honestly. Edit: maybe a little on the small side but that’s it.

PreciousPig@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 08:17 collapse

Thank you kindly, that would imply that Android devices can be used on both the A- and D-channel at least. The biggest thing making me look at this controller is the 4-way switch, can’t understand why 8bitdo downgraded their “Ultimate” controller to a 2-channel switch :( Biggest bummer is that the Pro 2 doesn’t seem to support wake-function on Nintendo Switch.

graymess@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 16:13 next collapse

I believe that D-Input will connect, but works on a per app basis for Android. So if your game or emulator doesn’t support it, it won’t work. I guess that’s true of X-Input, too, but that’s been the dominant controller API for many years. I could imagine some apps supporting X-Input controllers only.

PreciousPig@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 22:39 collapse

Isn’t all the Playstation controllers since the Dualshock 3 D-input? Seems like that would be a common BT-controller on Android with lots of support.

Wanderer@lemm.ee on 07 Mar 2024 23:06 collapse

No problem. Let me know how you get on and if you like it.

echo64@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 17:24 collapse

are you sure that the pro 2 has a 4-way connection?

i read it as just a simple way of changing what mode the controller runs in, normally you have to select those different modes by holding down button combinations when enabling pairing mode. to me it looks like they just made those button combinations a switch. so it’s a switch, and only pairs to a single device.

i might be wrong, i don’t have one

MeanEYE@lemmy.world on 04 Mar 2024 17:40 collapse

Each mode pairs with different device. I use mine for connecting to PC through Xbox mode, Android mode to my phone.