Sonic magazine ad
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They weren’t wrong on 05 Mar 2024 14:58 next collapse

Sonic hit such a different marketing angle than Mario, and I love both. But Sonic holds an extra special place in my childhood. on 05 Mar 2024 16:28 next collapse

Nothing says 90’s marketing like “we ain’t got time for capital letters.” on 05 Mar 2024 17:01 next collapse

Where did this advert run? It refers to the mega dive, so presumably Europe? But I grew up calling the bad guy Dr Robotnik, so why is he Eggman? on 05 Mar 2024 20:39 next collapse

I’m with you. I still call him Robotnik, but I also still expect Sonic to sound like Steve Urkell. on 06 Mar 2024 02:26 next collapse

I was wondering what Virgin had to do with Sonic… it has their London address under the Sega logo. on 06 Mar 2024 02:39 collapse

It could be super early material and they just straight translated the name as it is in Japan. He only got named Robotnik in western localizations. It’s still pretty common for ads made years ahead of a release to have bits of weirdness caused by changes in development. on 06 Mar 2024 13:27 collapse

the best game ever

Citation needed!