The huge difference when a proper sound-chip is used instead of chip-tune! (Proof Of Concept Video) (
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“Real instruments”

Also, I think personally I would have preferred a PC9800 style 16 bit VST set, OPNPlug is very good for this, since it emulates quite accurately a PC9800s Yamaha soundchip (YM2608, OPNA), which is a sister chip to the soundchip used in the SEGA Genesis (YM2612, OPN2). on 20 Mar 19:16 collapse

Yeah thanks I edited the video title to be closer to reality. on 20 Mar 19:44 collapse

Which soundchip is this trying to emulate? I think I hear either some Yamaha DX7 samples or Roland SoundCanvas55/88/8820 samples, but it sounds like it has some modern reverb effects? Is this a fantasy sounchip like Ryu Umemoto’s Yamaha YM2609? on 20 Mar 19:48 collapse

I have tried looking for information about that everywhere, but not even chat-gpt 4, which uses the web as an warehouse of data, could tell me anything (and gpt4 can answer about very niche stuff easily) on 20 Mar 20:22 collapse

I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in what ChatGPT says, if you are very knowledgable on something and ask it something specific I have found that it is usually wrong. Its trained to mimic text posts online, but it doesn’t really know right from wrong or fact from fiction.

Also, I am not sure why you would need to look for new information? Is this something you are working on yourself?

EDIT: Ah, this is using the official Arranged version of the battle theme for this game from the soundtrack. I thought this was something you arranged yourself. In this case, its probably just whatever the composer loaded into a modern DAW without concern for any specific soundchip characteristics. on 20 Mar 20:25 collapse

I just wanted to know what kind of sound chip Motoi Sakuraba, VP series and Star Ocean series main composer used to produce the Original Soundtrack Version theme you hear into the video. on 20 Mar 20:31 collapse

The composer probably just used a modern DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Ableton/FL Studio/Cubase/etc. There was likely no particular soundchip, though the Nintendo DS did have a soundchip which was limited to 16 channels of PCM/ADPCM sound. Not the best chip ever, but it got the job done mostly. Thats not used for this song, though. on 20 Mar 21:06 collapse

That is because in this video, the original chiptune music has been muted and replaced with its Original Soundtrack Edition version, which is not chiptune but imitates PS1 music