Fire Emblem Thracia 776 (SNES) has 2 fan-made remakes
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So, regarding the post itself, I don’t play games anymore (I grew out of it), however I keep myself informed about what is happening in the gaming world (retrogaming mostly), and guess what…

My favourite Strategic RPG game for the SNES (pictured), and overall excellent game, has received not 1, but 2 fan-made remakes that you can play on SNES or Emulator directly (as they use the base game to be played)

The first is:

Forseti’s Cut:…/23444

Much closer to the base game, but with A LOT of added content (story, character interaction, items, much better maps), with A LOT of QOLs but slightly more difficult at the very end of the game.

New Theory Of Thracia 776:…/16704

This one differs much more, it modernizes the gameplay just like Forseti’s Cut yet it adds much more in relation to gameplay (but less regarding story and character interation), there are massive differences in relations to overall gameplay feeling, as it is closer to post 2010 Fire Emblem games, while still retaining the Thracia 776 flavour

The author of New Theory of Thracia updates his remake on a monthly basis, adding always something new

I recommned you playing Forseti’s Cut before to get an experience closer to the base game (with massive benefits and a much more rewarding story and plot), and New Theory Of Thracia 776 as sort of a “challenge mode” remake

Forseti’s Cut:…/23444

New Theory Of Thracia 776:…/16704


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Hi, thanks for your post. Can you provide links to the projects so that I can check them out more closely? on 15 Mar 2024 18:57 collapse


Forseti’s Cut:…/23444

New Theory Of Thracia 776:…/16704 on 15 Mar 2024 22:21 collapse

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Thanks for the info! I had no idea this existed!

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Intelligent Systems is supposedly going to release a proper remake of this game in the next year or so, so I’ll probably just wait for that.