Issue 5 of Quarter Up, a free pinball/retro arcade newsletter (
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Hey, RetroGaming,

I’m excited to share this issue of Quarter Up with you. Writers from all over the country contributed to this last issue of 2023.

Our retro game article for this issue is about the reverse-engineering of Sinistar. Sinistar is one of the most technically-impressive arcade games of the 1980s. Our writer SynaMax took the entire game apart, down to the assembly code, and put it back together better than ever. He even discovered the origins of the famous ‘Sinistar roar.’

The awesome cover art is by Anna “Pencilforge” Frohling.

Cover for Issue #5 of Quarter Up, illustration by Pencilforge. Illustration shows a bottom-up isometric perspective on a young man in blue jeans and a pilot’s jacket playing a video arcade cabinet called Quarter Up, against an orange-yellow background.

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That’s a fun cover illustration!

Sinistar was terrifying back in the day. Every time he came after me I’d start to panic, haha. on 12 Dec 2023 04:18 collapse

Thank you for reading! Pencilforge is a talented artist, I have been wanting to work with her for a while. on 21 Dec 2023 18:35 collapse

Thanks for posting - I didn’t know this existed.