Sega Saturn Model 1 in Shenmue (
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Pictured above: A Japanese Model 1 Sega Saturn in Ryo’s room in Shenmue on the television, and a black North American Model 1 Sega Saturn I have.


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Damn dude leave some ladies for the rest of us on 02 Dec 2023 04:44 next collapse

I loved all of the Sega-related Easter eggs in the Shenmue games, it made them the perfect sendoff for Sega's hardware. on 02 Dec 2023 04:47 next collapse

I had the JVC variant. I loved that thing. on 02 Dec 2023 05:25 next collapse

ShamWOW on 02 Dec 2023 16:48 next collapse

What is the back slot for ? on 02 Dec 2023 17:56 next collapse

Memory cartridges, Game Sharks, and NetLink adapters that work if you use a DreamPi. on 02 Dec 2023 22:41 collapse

I use mine for an Action Reply (basically a Game Shark) and it lets me play North American games on my Japanese console.

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The model doesn’t really matter. The Japanese ones tend to be a bit easier to get for a good deal. on 05 Dec 2023 16:38 collapse

Then I’m lucky to have an NA model myself. on 02 Dec 2023 23:19 collapse

These days you can use it with a flashed 4MB action replay cartridge to play burned discs on 02 Dec 2023 17:22 next collapse

God I love Sega consoles. They all aged like fine wine and have some excellent games. on 02 Dec 2023 18:00 collapse

Agreed. I’m sort of biased towards them myself.

I beat Nights into Dreams once on my Saturn.

But I use a North American model as well for that. on 04 Dec 2023 04:41 collapse

It always bothered me that Ryo has a Saturn in a story set before the Megadrive had come out. Even the Mark III (later to be rebranded as the Master System) was released a mere 13 months prior to the murder of Ryo’s father.