Potential dangers of emulators?
from SpaceTurtle224@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 20 Jan 2024 15:03

Hypotheticaly if instead of searching for my old Ps2/Xbox360 discs i downloaded a rom could the emulated games infect my computer once ran? (if this breakes the rules im sory)


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cloudless@feddit.uk on 20 Jan 2024 15:10 next collapse

Anything you download from unknown sites can be risky. You don’t even have to run the file in order to start the infection.

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echo64@lemmy.world on 20 Jan 2024 19:20 collapse

Practically, yes. There was a zsnes exploit that did exactly this back in the day.

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Rhynoplaz@lemmy.world on 20 Jan 2024 16:14 next collapse

Search for some emulating communities and see what sites they have recommended. The ROMs aren’t dangerous, but there are dangerous sites that promise ROMs.

LinkOpensChest_wav@lemmy.dbzer0.com on 20 Jan 2024 17:11 collapse

FMHY is always my starting point. They’re really good about removing recommendations that have the slightest hint of anything malicious.

farcaster@lemmy.world on 20 Jan 2024 16:51 next collapse

For emulators which use recompilation techniques, I suppose it’s technically possible to make them execute malware. But writing your malware in legacy XBox/PlayStation code to embed it in roms would also make it some of the most sophisticated in history just to infect a handful of retrogamers so I think it’s very unlikely…

JoeKrogan@lemmy.world on 20 Jan 2024 17:02 next collapse

Its easier to just infect a crack for a popular game and get a ton of windows “power” users to install it.

papalonian@lemmy.world on 20 Jan 2024 18:52 collapse

Like others have said, any file can be dangerous. You need to be diligent in picking where your ROMs come from, if it’s a sketchy site don’t use it.

That being said I’ve been doing similar activities since I was like 12 years old and have got a virus exactly once, and it was completely my fault for not listening to my gut (disregarded some red flags because I really wanted something to work.)