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I used to try and genocide mos espa in the pc version. Even with cheats it was tricky because the game started to spawn in guards on the roofs armed with thermal detonators. on 18 Feb 2024 07:14 collapse

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This is a fun game on 18 Feb 2024 10:03 collapse

This is a game at least on 20 Feb 2024 14:40 collapse

It’s a game that really isn’t that good, that’s carried by a swarm of late 90s good vibes and the promise of 3 amazing Star Wars films. There’s a charm to its jank and it really captured the spirit of the excitement for the prequel trilogy. on 21 Feb 2024 01:11 collapse

I could never go back and play it again, but I will say the mos eisley section was oddly ambitious, and a weird blend of mechanics that did, at least to young me, make me feel very immersed.