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Saturn Classic Enriched:

The Sega Saturn classic game Radiant Silvergun has been given a significant fan-made update that brings its features closer to modern ports. Developed by Alex “trap15” Marshall, the patch took a year to produce and introduces elements from other versions like a Ikaruga-style chain scoring system for a more streamlined gaming experience.

Features Added:

Additional Enhancements:

In addition to these features, players now have the ability to access the Option+ menu immediately upon starting the game. This update makes the Saturn version of Radiant Silvergun one of the most feature-rich on the market compared to other ports, with one notable exception: it lacks the HD visuals seen in other versions.

Accessing the Patch:

The patch is available for download here, allowing fans to experience these enhancements firsthand and enjoy a more complete version of this Sega classic.

What are your thoughts on fan-made updates like this? Do you think they help in preserving classic games, or do they potentially diminish the original experience for some players?


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This is awesome. Radiant Silvergun isn’t my most played shmup to date but it’s definitely so so unique, I really enjoy it.
I certainly think romhacks/patches are a major benefit to older gen titles and I’m somewhat concerned we’ll lose that with newer gens. on 02 Jul 05:57 collapse

This looks great! I have definitely not played enough RSG so maybe I’ll give this a go. I’ve sunk more hours into ikaruga.