GBC Aquired, Time to Mod (
from to on 15 Aug 2023 21:14 +0000

I don have a large budget so it will take me a while todo much. I don’t have my soldering iron back yet either.

What should be my order of action here? Should I start with battery or backlight? I also have pokemon blue on the way.

#retrogaming on 15 Aug 2023 21:23 +0000 next

Hell yeah! The cheapest thing you could do while waiting for parts, I think, is clean it up, like removing and de-gunking that sticker. on 15 Aug 2023 21:28 +0000

Alright, just a cotton swab with alcohol should be plenty on 15 Aug 2023 21:31 +0000

Oh, and definitely make sure the battery contacts aren’t corroded/had leaky batteries, though if you’re gonna swap it for a rechargeable one, it may not matter? on 15 Aug 2023 21:42 +0000

Battery upgrade is definitely on the table probably a usb-c. it was verified working though from the shop. Unsure where to get the kits though and what a reasonable price is for a kit. on 15 Aug 2023 21:28 +0000 next

$80??? 🫠

I’m not in the retrogaming scene, is that normal for a GBC? on 15 Aug 2023 21:45 +0000 next

About average, I mainly wanted to purchase from a local shop though to support business. It’s a common date night spot for my gf an I bc they have a small collection of cabinets and pinball machines to play at the shop too. on 16 Aug 2023 00:28 +0000

We are long past the days of getting them for near nothing so at least supporting a local shop is good. Still crazy these go for so much now, but still cheaper than when they were new! on 15 Aug 2023 22:17 +0000 next

Unfortunately it is! It’s become an expensive scene. on 16 Aug 2023 01:53 +0000 next

I got one cheaper on eBay, but it was broken “for parts” that I knew how to fix it cheaply, so really just how much you really, really want one on 16 Aug 2023 02:39 +0000

$80 is definitely a high price. If you buy a GBC from eBay or Craigslists etc on any given day I’d expect to pay around $80.

However, if you’re monitoring market places like Facebook or Reddit, you’ll come across them for like $30-40 by people who just want to get rid of them. It might take a few days of waiting to come across one but it happens regularly you just have to be quick and have multiple payment options ready.

I’ve bought a few GB-GBAs recently and I’ve never paid more than $45 for one. I probably average $30 or $35 because I buy multiples. on 16 Aug 2023 03:51 +0000

If you live in a metropolitan area. In countryside it will take mych more time. on 16 Aug 2023 12:23 +0000

I live in the country in the USA on 15 Aug 2023 21:36 +0000 next

I would do the screen first, it will improve the gameplay experience a ton. on 15 Aug 2023 21:47 +0000

Alright, where would I buy a kit from todo so? I’ve been looking here: retrogamerepairshop unsure if this is priced well or not or even where to look. on 16 Aug 2023 21:19 +0000

I bought my GBA screen from, they also have an AliExpress store on 15 Aug 2023 22:09 +0000 next

Grab a Flash Cart so you don’t have to pay outrageous used game prices, and find some kind of high capacity battery mod because I use a flash cart on my GBA and it drains quick even with replacement battery. on 15 Aug 2023 23:03 +0000

Omfg thank you! I was hesitant to buy anymore games bc of the price, any brand in particular I should go for?

edit: how tf do I figure out what cart to get on 16 Aug 2023 02:12 +0000 next

I got the everdrive. It’s really neat.

<img alt="" src=""> on 16 Aug 2023 02:13 +0000

Another great game: tobu tobu girl.

<img alt="" src=""> on 16 Aug 2023 15:31 +0000

Everdrive fo sho.

I got the EZ Flash for GBA which works fine, was cheaper. Idk if there’s a GBC variant but worth a look. on 16 Aug 2023 11:53 +0000 next

You got the best colour, too! on 16 Aug 2023 19:55 +0000 next

Sorry, but I fail to understand why you would not just buy a RG35xx of something similar? The purple transparent RG35xx looks so much like this GBC. But with a much better display, battery, you can play everything from NES to PSX on it, etc… Not to mention that is much cheaper! I like retro gaming, but I guess I’m not a purist like some. I prefer to play my retro games with the luxury of savestates and a better display. on 19 Aug 2023 03:52 +0000

I didn’t know there were mods for these. I have one in a drawer. What can be done to them? on 19 Aug 2023 19:47 +0000

This: on 19 Aug 2023 19:47 +0000

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