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Zelda II is now on the SNES!

A talented developer named Infidelity has ported Zelda II: The Adventure of Link from its original version to Nintendo’s 16-bit platform.

Port status: Infidelity invites players to try out this adaptation, emphasizing that it is fully playable from start to end. He also advises them to review the included README file which details all known issues needing further refinement.

Are you a fan of the original Zelda II?


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samus12345@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:24 collapse

“Because he can.” But it’s also possible to replace the graphics with SNES-quality ones, should someone have the skill and inclination.

themeatbridge@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 11:08 next collapse

Are all the bugs and mistranslations there?

woelkchen@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:05 next collapse

Are all the bugs and mistranslations there?

Probably. The SNES CPU is only a slightly advanced version of the NES CPU. That’s why simple NES to SNES cartridge adapters exist.

samus12345@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:19 collapse

Yes, it’s a straight port.

themeatbridge@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 16:28 collapse

I asked because years ago, I saw a ROM for NES that took the original Japanese version and retranslated everything to English, fixing a lot of broken clues and storylines. I haven’t been able to find it again.

samus12345@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 16:32 collapse

Is it this?

themeatbridge@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 16:36 collapse

That looks like it! Thanks!! I honestly don’t remember enough of the one I saw to be sure if that was the same project, but it is definitely the same concept and looks like the creator put a lot of work into it to make it perfect.

best_username_ever@sh.itjust.works on 01 Jul 11:13 next collapse

The port is currently only available to Infidelity’s Patreon subscribers

Why hasn’t Nintendo done anything yet? It’s weird.

rImITywR@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 11:26 next collapse

It would require Nintendo to acknowledge the existence of Zelda II.

aStonedSanta@lemm.ee on 01 Jul 12:05 collapse

God. I hated it lol

woelkchen@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 12:18 next collapse

Why hasn’t Nintendo done anything yet? It’s weird.

Nintendo are weird. Sometimes they don’t do anything for years and then suddenly lawsuit over 10 gazillion in damages. When doing anything unlicensed with Nintendo properties, the rules of thumb are: Keep it low key, don’t monetize it. Both common sense rules Infidelity didn’t care to follow.

MeatsOfRage@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 12:43 next collapse

It was on archive org and it was already taken down. Only a matter of time for Patreon as well.

Edit, the link changed. Here’s his Archive page with all the his work: archive.org/details/@infidelity

samus12345@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:12 next collapse

It’s there, I just downloaded it.

MeatsOfRage@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:52 next collapse

Maybe a new upload then. The one in their tweet was taken down

tigeruppercut@lemmy.zip on 01 Jul 14:20 collapse

Where did you get it? The internet archive link from the article said “item not available”.

samus12345@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 15:39 collapse

Dunno if I’m allowed to post links to it or not, but search on there for infidelity zelda ii and you should be able to find it.

Redkey@programming.dev on 01 Jul 15:05 collapse

It looks like they took it down themselves and uploaded a revised version. It’s there on their user page.

Chozo@fedia.io on 01 Jul 13:00 next collapse

I'm guessing because he's not selling the ROM, the Patreon only gave you early access. It seems to have now been made available to the public for free.

the_crotch@sh.itjust.works on 01 Jul 19:13 collapse

On archive.org, where it’s been removed

samus12345@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:29 collapse

There are Zelda I, Metroid, and Kid Icarus SNES ports as well that have been around a while.

something_random_tho@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 13:18 next collapse

Why in the absolute fuck does this website have 800+ partners that need to track me? And more than 500 partners needed for “security.”

OR3X@lemm.ee on 01 Jul 15:05 next collapse

On top of that the actual article is a big nothing-burger. Not worth reading beyond the title.

xycu@programming.dev on 01 Jul 15:36 collapse

Modern journalism: a chatgpt summary of a reddit, tiktok, or twitter post, with an ad in-between every sentence.

wavebeam@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 15:34 collapse

Time extension sucks ass. It’s a usability nightmare. Wish I could block all links to it in my feed.

woelkchen@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 16:21 collapse

Never heard of them before this.

Malunga@derpzilla.net on 01 Jul 13:55 next collapse

What’s the best way to play zelda 2 nowadays?

comfyquaker@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 17:45 next collapse

I suppose it depends on how you determine best, but emulation is gonna be the cheapest and easiest.

Im very interested in getting a Nintendo Watch and Play - Zelda edition to play it on there. apparently the audio is better on the Japanese version of the game and the WnP allows you to choose what audio you want to play with as well as the language. though I’m site there is a modded rom you could emulate that does the same thing.

otherwise you can pick it up on Nintendo online shop, physical NES or the GBA classic rerelease cartridge.

shotgun_crab@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 02:04 collapse

There’s an enhanced PC port made by hoverbat (and luckily nintendo isn’t aware of it yet)

MeatsOfRage@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 21:31 collapse

<img alt="" src="https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/fe36adcf-1467-41bb-b2a7-64db058f84a5.png">

I was curious so I gave it a spin. It’s just a literal port that runs in an snes emulator. It’s got a super nintendo logo at the start but everything else appears to just be a 1:1 port. Not sure the value in this but would be cool if someone used this as a base to update the assets.

chiliedogg@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 02:30 collapse

Might perform better in certain situations where the original got laggy.