Super Rare Arcade Machine Worth Thousands Saved From Dump (
from to on 26 Jul 2023 18:26 +0000 on 26 Jul 2023 19:12 +0000 next

That is so cool! Discs of Tron is kind of a crappy game, but I’d play it every day if I had that. on 26 Jul 2023 19:57 +0000 next

Thank you for saying it. I did not like this game very much. Maybe the person who threw it away had the same opinion as us. Imagine how much it would be worth if it was actually a good game to play. LOL on 26 Jul 2023 23:00 +0000

Awesome find, but yeah that game wasn't very good haha on 26 Jul 2023 19:30 +0000

Wow, there’s one sitting in my warehouse.