Phantasy Star Online is back on my Dreamcast this birthday.
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Received a brand new copy on my birthday, created my Hunter, got connected, and finally reconnected with this wonderful video game.

My username, class, and designation are the same: Van Halbgott, HUmar, and REDRIA.


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Most underrated console ?? on 30 Mar 17:29 next collapse

It was never underrated, my homie still won’t STFU about MvC2 on 30 Mar 21:16 collapse

Not the homie’s fault that the Dreamcast is the king of arcade accuracy, together with the Neo Geo AES.

The Dreamcast was just stronger than the PlayStation 2 when it came to putting sprites on the screen.

It was also the primary home platform for other, now legendary games, like Street Fighter 3 (not arcade perfect because it’s a port from CPS III) and Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2.

He’ll keep talking about it until you understand it on 30 Mar 22:31 collapse

Didn’t it have the crazy taxi game, and one of the original rainbow six games? I still remember discovering a particular bug with a submachine gun and flashbangs that would reset a match. So satisfying if my friends started winning a little too much… on 30 Mar 18:37 collapse

Maybe the most magical console to me. I'll never forget my first time seeing the players' breath/the replays on NFL 2K, playing at the demo kiosk in Toys 'R' Us. I was totally smitten. I recall a golden light emanating from the kiosk. on 30 Mar 16:55 next collapse

That game was amazing!

How did you get the Dreamcast connected to a server? on 30 Mar 17:30 collapse on 30 Mar 17:53 next collapse

god this game got me through university. i loved it so much. on 30 Mar 19:27 next collapse

Still have my DC and copy of PSO. Save still loads to, IIRC (it’s been a few months since I tried playing PSO). Great game, one of my favorites of all time. I still listen to the OST. on 01 Apr 00:22 collapse

I love the OST in this game! You might appreciate Titan by Jason Richardson. Everytime I hear it I think of PSO. on 01 Apr 00:23 collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 30 Mar 19:37 next collapse

I didn’t own this console when it was released, but I remember being totally enamored with it. I thought everything about it was just so cool. The boot screen, the console shape and look, the games on it. It was just so cool. I have since purchased one as an adult and it is one of my favorite consoles of all time. There is a timeline where this came out and competed against the ps1 and not the PS2 and we live in a world where Sega is in Sony’s place. on 01 Apr 10:25 next collapse

It did compete against the PS1. Unfortunately it only did so for about 18 months before the PS2 blew it (and everything else) away. on 03 Apr 16:55 collapse

I remember being enamored with VMUs.

I thought it was so neat plugging something into your controller that seemed somewhere between a miniature GameBoy, a pistol mag, and a N64 rumble pak. on 30 Mar 22:50 next collapse

Are you within driving distance of central NC perchance?

If you are - I have a 27 inch sony Trinitron you can have. I always see you post and I just want you to be able to enjoy your games on a device they were designed for. on 30 Mar 23:49 next collapse

Nope. My parents wouldn’t allow it. on 30 Mar 23:59 collapse

Okey dokey on 31 Mar 14:10 next collapse

That’s really generous of you. Thank you for being who you are. on 01 Apr 06:07 collapse

♥️ on 31 Mar 19:24 collapse

A half decent up-scaler is so much simpler, energy efficient, and portable. Like a RetroTINK 2x Pro. Sure, it’s $140, but it works great at upscaling 240p signals. on 01 Apr 06:08 next collapse

Honestly - good point. Much more affordable and space saving option all around on 01 Apr 10:05 collapse

Well yeah, but it also looks worse.

If one still goes with upscalers and likes diy projects, the GBS-control is also definitely worth a look. on 31 Mar 00:36 next collapse

One of the best games of all time. I play BB on a private server now. Skyly was always my ID. on 31 Mar 01:03 next collapse

The fact this game is still online is just amazing. on 31 Mar 19:54 next collapse

There are still servers?! on 01 Apr 00:42 collapse

Well, unofficial servers, but yeah. on 31 Mar 20:26 next collapse

It’s too bad piracy killed the Dreamcast. on 01 Apr 07:09 collapse

Very funny. Lying to get people riled up is truly the greatest form of humor. Yawn on 01 Apr 06:54 collapse

This game was a lot of my childhood, but i can’t help but get the impression that booting it up today, it would play like trying to plug a usb cable in blind. It’s got to be janky as hell. Still the nostalgia would be worth it.

I loves me some nostalgia.