I want Nintendo Streetpass in my life again... (beetoons.tv)
from mesamunefire@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 28 Mar 2024 23:17

3Ds doesnt feel like retro gaming…but it has been a while. I found this on a peertube instance, so figured this community might like it.


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Die4Ever@programming.dev on 28 Mar 2024 23:27 next collapse

Streetpass was fun, maybe someone could clone it as a mobile app

BirdEnjoyer@kbin.social on 29 Mar 2024 02:12 next collapse

It was never implemented in PoGo, was it? Because that's where it very clearly should have gotten a spiritual successor.

Not that I'm playing that anymore, with its predatory scheme. Orna all the way, now.

Tarquinn2049@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 03:21 collapse

Orna indeed. Basically final fantasy go. But like a good one, not the actual recent final fantasy phone games.

thegreekgeek@midwest.social on 29 Mar 2024 03:43 collapse

Hell yes, Orna is perfect.

Redkey@programming.dev on 29 Mar 2024 03:47 collapse

Similar concepts (i.e. connect to random strangers’ devices when in close physical proximity, and trade mini profiles/trading tokens/whatever) have been done at least half a dozen times, both before and after Nintendo, but somehow they never seem to stick. Street Pass may have been the most successful iteration that I’m aware of. I think that it’s hard to get critical mass. Users are excited at first when they set things up, but after a few days or weeks of not getting any hits, they tend to lose interest and turn the service off to save battery life.

jol@discuss.tchncs.de on 29 Mar 2024 23:59 collapse

Its like tge apple air tags. They were nothing innovative when they came out, but leveraging the amount of apple users, suddenly you had critical mass.

MrScottyTay@sh.itjust.works on 29 Mar 2024 00:46 next collapse

Get pretendo

Die4Ever@programming.dev on 29 Mar 2024 02:16 collapse


pretty cool, but I feel like it would be unlikely to meet anyone else on Pretendo’s Streetpass? Or maybe Streetpass was entirely peer to peer anyways?

MyFairJulia@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 07:44 collapse

StreetPass is peer to peer

BartyDeCanter@lemmy.sdf.org on 29 Mar 2024 00:50 next collapse

Man, now I’m nostalgic for my 3DS. I sold it when I got a Switch, which is a nice system but the 3DS had so many fun little things about it like Streetpass.

sharkfucker420@lemmy.ml on 29 Mar 2024 00:56 next collapse

I miss playing heartgold on my old ds 😔

wren@sopuli.xyz on 29 Mar 2024 01:33 next collapse

Streetpass was one of the coolest features a portable device could have and they did it so well. It was always so exciting to see that little green light

Potatos_are_not_friends@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 03:36 next collapse

The times it did work, it was kinda neat.

I remember how exciting it was to go to a comic convention and suddenly Animal Crossing and my Fire Emblem game popped up with prizes. It wasn’t revolutionary, but it was neat!

Then leaving, rode the airplane, through the train… Silence. It never lit up again.

kratoz29@lemm.ee on 29 Mar 2024 08:19 collapse

They mastered it with the 3DS, I remember seeing many DS games supporting features very similar to it, some that comes to my head are TWEWY and Metroid Prime Hunters.

kadu@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 01:40 next collapse

Ah, back when Nintendo mastered the concept of using proven, slightly older technology, in genuine amusing and fun ways. The 3DS had StreetPass, Download Play, free AR games, a free Flipnote animation app, a sound editor, several hidden easter eggs, an interface that had themes and badges and trinkets.

Now you get a flat, soul-less interface with a lot, and I do mean a lot, of updates trying to stop pirates. They do not work. The browser also does not work. You’re getting sued for mentioning Nintendo in this post without the proper license, by the way.

umbrella@lemmy.ml on 29 Mar 2024 08:39 next collapse

they noticed they already have a captive audience and none of that will make them more money.

so they are now trying to squeeze pennies out of the pirates and the hobbiysts having fun with their ip.

SuperSpecialNickname@lemmy.ml on 29 Mar 2024 13:47 collapse

When I got a Switch I was looking forward to those fun quirky menus Nintendo is known for. Imagine my disappointment when I turned it on for the first time.

MonkeMischief@lemmy.today on 03 Apr 2024 16:58 collapse

Kinda reminds me of the same feeling I got when first opening the inventory UI in my preordered copy of Skyrim for the first time. 😬

RedStrider@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 04:52 next collapse

meta off topic

What’s with that instance? Has a lot of stolen videos. Wonder if it’d be a good idea to tell the creators that they’re being used for some web3 scam.

mesamunefire@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 04:57 collapse

From what I understand they are all partners. I’ve had a couple respond to my comments. I hope it’s not stolen.

TeaHands@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 09:11 next collapse

For the Mastodon users among us, obligatory plug streetpass.social

B0NK3RS@lemmy.world on 29 Mar 2024 11:51 collapse

Thanks. Looks like an interesting adaptation.

altima_neo@lemmy.zip on 29 Mar 2024 23:27 collapse

As much as I loved street pass, I hated how little there was you could do with it. The included games on the DS got old real quick. It really needed some more variety.