(UPDATED) Nightdive Announces Remastered Version of 90s Cult Classic Shooter PO'ed (www.techraptor.net)
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Nightdive Studios announces PO’ed: Definitive Edition

Nightdive Studios, known for remastering classics like Shadow Man and the Turok series, is back with a 90s cult classic shooter, PO’ed: Definitive Edition. The announcement made on April Fools’ Day might have raised some eyebrows due to its timing but seems genuine given the project’s development stage.

This promises a nostalgic blast from the past for fans. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch soon. Excited about Nightdive’s take on PO’ed?


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PhobosAnomaly@feddit.uk on 27 Jun 08:43 next collapse

Nightdive’s track record is stellar in fairness.

I’ve still got my PS1 copy of PO’ed and it hasn’t aged well at all. I think the world was still clamouring for new and inventive Doom-clones at the time that people were willing to forgive clunky gameplay and unbalanced weapons, but this remaster will do it a whole load of favours.

Disruptor is another mediocre game that springs to mind, but was well received because it was the best-of-the-rest in what we now know to be first person shooters. That would be a cool remaster too - perhaps even Lifeforce Tenka, or even Sentient if they were feeling brave.

MossyFeathers@pawb.social on 27 Jun 10:35 collapse

This game is already out. Why did we need an update on an announcement for a game that’s already released?