Flashpoint 13 (Dart Frog) is now out (flashpointarchive.org)
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I can’t find a webpage with the changelog, so here is a copied message from the discord (with small edits for formatting)

<:flashpoint:778106403637821461> Flashpoint Infinity 13 - Dart Frog

Total Games Count (2024-03-28) - 200,350

We passed 200k entries! 🎉

Flashpoint 13 has been focussed on building a better technical foundation. Whilst most of this is invisible, you’ll still find improvements like much faster search times, more comprehensive search options and fancier results pages when ordering by Playtime or Last Played. There are plenty of small fixes and improvements elsewhere too.

Ultimate 13 is planned to release during April.

Notable Changes

Update: Just use the bottom left Update button in the Launcher.

Download: flashpointarchive.org/downloads

Want to support the project? Curate 📁 : flashpointarchive.org/datahub/Curation_Tutorial

Donate 🪙 : opencollective.com/flashpointarchive

Translate 📖 : crowdin.com/project/flashpoint-launcher

Reminder: Please regularly update your database to receive game updates. You can do so by hitting the Update button on the home page, in the top left corner. @everyone


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