Steam Next Fest Best Retro Indie Demos! - Mega Man, Mario, and Yo-yo Zelda! (
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More and more indie developers are turning to retro games for inspiration. That’s never been more apparent than during this latest Steam Next Fest. I played over 20 retro-styled demos and found 9 of the best.


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Thanks for the list. I’ve been playing indie games for about 15 years and the retro inspiration has always been the best part about them. Graphics never mattered and it meant that gameplay was put first, just like the old days. on 19 Jun 2024 06:40 next collapse

Abyss looks cool but its so derivative with some of its elements, I would be afraid of legal trouble if I was the developer.

Obvious clones of elements from Kill la Kill, AKIRA, and Mega Man Legends, while also including some other stuff that looks like Metal Gear Solid and EVE Burst Error or Silent Mobius. on 19 Jun 2024 23:35 collapse

Yo-yo Zelda

StarTropics is back!? on 20 Jun 2024 01:56 collapse

It needs to be!