The retro game experts at Digital Eclipse have released a remaster of [1981's] Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (
from to on 15 Sep 2023 20:58 +0000

Craft your own party of adventurers and head into the labyrinth at the behest of the mad overlord Trebor, in search of the amulet stolen by the evil wizard Werdna. Battle challenging monsters, avoid hidden traps, and find your way through the dungeon for the ultimate showdown with Werdna himself.

#retrogaming on 15 Sep 2023 22:08 +0000 next

$30 is a little steep in today’s gaming market. I’ll almost definitely pick it up on sale though. on 16 Sep 2023 01:49 +0000 next

That’s cool, and the graphics look great. This will probably do well in Japan, since Wizardry was a phenomenon there. I’d pay $30 but I’ll wait until there’s a Switch version. on 16 Sep 2023 02:05 +0000 next

Wizardry was awesome and difficult as fuck on 16 Sep 2023 08:08 +0000

Omg I loved that one! Werdna!

Also loved Crusaders of the Dark Savant, that one was beyond fantastic! on 16 Sep 2023 13:01 +0000

Maybe it was me, but compared to might and magic at the time it was brutal with the difficulty. There was no internet to find out what to do. on 16 Sep 2023 15:22 +0000 next

It is brutal. The entire series is brutal. on 16 Sep 2023 17:21 +0000

Well, Might & Magic had the advantage of letting you make your moves turn by turn, where’s Wizardry had that weird system where you commit each party member’s action all at once and then let ‘er rip. I always found it strange and also inconvenient.