New hardware, new lower price! Introducing Evercade EXP-R and Evercade VS-R - Evercade (
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Never heard of them. What’s their “old” hardware if this is new? on 17 Apr 2024 12:31 collapse

Old Old is the original Evercade handheld. These are replacing the newer Evercade EXP handheld and VS home console. These are pretty cool and they’re a legit company. If you are into collecting I’d recommend checking them out. The cartridges come in plastic cases that remind me of Genesis cases and they include a manual. I don’t have any of the main consoles but the Super Pocket which is made by their sister company is also compatible with the Evercade carts. on 17 Apr 2024 15:05 collapse

☝️ This. Their cartridges are mostly retro compilations from classic arcade companies and 8/16 bit home computers and such,