Tecmo Bowl, Wordtris, Heavyweight Championship Boxing, and Caesar's Palace are my latest pickups for Game Boy. Did anyone here grow up playing them? :) (www.youtube.com)
from drcouzelis@lemmy.zip to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 24 Aug 2023 12:41 +0000


MajesticSloth@lemmy.world on 24 Aug 2023 22:13 +0000 next

Didn’t know Tecmo Bowl had a game for Gameboy. Played it and Tecmo Super Bowl so damn much on NES though.

betamark@lemmy.world on 27 Aug 2023 11:28 +0000

I missed all of these titles as a lad but I recently picked up WordPress, too. Are any of the others interesting?

drcouzelis@lemmy.zip on 27 Aug 2023 12:16 +0000

I’ve been on the hunt for good sports games for Game Boy. Tecmo Bowl and Blades of Steel (hockey) seem to be two of the best, and can be enjoyed even by people who aren’t really into the sports.

Heavyweight Championship Boxing has a really cool visual effect where it alternates between a top-down view and first-person view that really impressed me!

But I really haven’t played any of them very much yet, so I can’t really give a full review.