The real challenge will be going back and understanding my hieroglyphics. (
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Playing the Hotel Dusk game for DS as a ritual to bring it back just as Nintendo brought from the graveyard Another Code!


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I played this last year for the first time. Good game, if a bit slow. I had a good time of it though. The art style is very good. on 04 Oct 2023 18:13 +0000

Yeah, on my replay I’m noticing it is a bit slow, shocking that if I recall correctly this was my first visual novel, and I sticked with this to the very end… perhaps the art style motivated me to do it. on 04 Oct 2023 12:36 +0000

I loved that even though I didn’t finish the game. Every game ever should have a player journal for notes. on 04 Oct 2023 18:14 +0000

The 3DS has an inbuilt notebook… if that counts :)