The new setup (
from to on 28 Aug 2023 02:54

Mister fpga with games from the nas.


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Nice! I used to have a surprisingly similar setup! on 28 Aug 2023 06:07 next collapse

That Dreamcast quietly crying because it’s alone, gotta show it some love man! on 28 Aug 2023 14:28 collapse

It wasn’t alone! There was a Saturn in the hole below it on the carpet even though you can’t see it! The NES was alone though. on 28 Aug 2023 10:09 collapse

I wouldn’t have thrown out my ~27" trinitron over a decade ago if I knew I’d have nothing to play my NES lightgun games on now 😭 on 28 Aug 2023 14:26 collapse

I upgraded to a 20" Ikegami PVM and couldn’t be happier. I didn’t throw out the trinitron though - I made sure it found a good home on Craigslist. on 28 Aug 2023 05:57 next collapse

sweet on 28 Aug 2023 08:49 next collapse

Gotta clean up those cords on 28 Aug 2023 11:30 collapse

Indeed. Wire racks and cords are a near impossibility :/ on 28 Aug 2023 13:07 collapse

Wire racks, BAD for cords? Mate, you need to get a bag of sweet, cheap, velcro straps, and wrap up everything on the underside of each shelf. Also, use a few to clean up that rats nest by the floor there.

Also, you’re not really getting any benefit to wrapping the monitor cables that way. Use some straps to hold the cables to the side of the rack and then just have some slack hang down the side.

And personally, I’d remove those garish yellow pointless warning stickers. on 28 Aug 2023 13:58 collapse

The lcd cables are problematic for sure. I’m learning how I plan to move the unit around to finalize how I will leave the slack in those cables. But yea. Work in progress there.

The big bulk of the mess is the power supply on the back bottom. I may relocated it to the top of the crt behind the speakers to hide it more. Custom length cables if I get crazy. Though I prob won’t.

One of the worse cables down low there is a coax for the cable modem. Hard and inflexible. I can probably 90 it off behind the desk from the wall to tuck it better.

Aside calling someone mate isn’t how you best make them. on 28 Aug 2023 10:38 next collapse

Nice setup. I’d be worried about swinging the door into the vertical monitor though on 28 Aug 2023 11:50 collapse

The stowed config. Tight still but swingable. <img alt="" src=""> on 03 Sep 2023 06:39 collapse

Straight out of a 90s cyberpunk film!