All play, no work.
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I’m doing steadicam operating on a TV show. My new (to me) 2DS is keeping me entertained when waiting for the next shot.


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Awesome! Something I always wondered about 2DS, what do you do with it when youre in a situation where you might be quickly pulling it out or putting it away? With a 3DS its easy to just close the lid and slide it in your pocket, but a 2DS doesn’t have any way to prefect its screens in a pocket or bag on 06 Jun 09:29 next collapse

If only closing it would protect the screen of an OG 3DS…

Without screen protection you’d end up with scratches of two vertical lines and a perfect circle on the upper screen, the imprint of the lower screen border and stick. on 06 Jun 19:45 collapse

Wait, the OG 3DS has that too? My New 3DS has that problem as well. Crazy that they managed to repeat that design flaw. on 06 Jun 10:32 collapse

There’s a small switch in the bottom right called Sleep. When on it simulates closing the lid. on 06 Jun 08:19 next collapse

i cannot express how much it pains me that a 2DS is now considered retro on 06 Jun 08:30 next collapse

I feel like in order for something to be retro, then it should have to be at least 10yrs after official support has ended. on 06 Jun 10:30 next collapse

I agree, however, Nintendo shutting down the servers made it retro. on 06 Jun 12:12 collapse

It hasn’t been that long since that happened though. It’s literally been less than 6 months since they shut the servers down. It was part of the previous Nintendo console generation ffs. GTA V released the same year as the 2ds. C’mon man, the 2ds is not retro. on 06 Jun 11:39 next collapse

When the PS1 was current anything 2D was considered retro.

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If you want me to make you feel old the hardware was released in 2013, making it over 10 years old this year. on 06 Jun 20:04 collapse

Yep, but it hasn’t been more than 10yrs since it was last officially supported. It’s only been a few months since they fully ended official support. on 06 Jun 21:32 collapse

While I understand your argument. I have my own philosophy for what is retro in terms of games.

For me I don’t look at the system but the games. And for games it about 10-15 years after they were first released.

Enough time that kids can be born and never see this game until now. While I wouldn’t call Pokemon Sun/Moon retro just yet. The 3ds/2ds has games on it that I would consider it retro.

Its been over half a decade since Nintendo stopped making games for it, and even longer since people cared about it.

The only time I will argue something isn’t retro is when its still on the store shelf and not in the discount bin. on 06 Jun 10:30 collapse

The fact that Nintendo shut down the servers makes it retro IMO. on 06 Jun 09:28 next collapse

I don’t know why, but that’s a really beautiful picture on 06 Jun 10:34 collapse

It must be my Farfetched. on 06 Jun 10:13 next collapse

Shooting on a #Red. 🤣 on 06 Jun 10:31 collapse

I didn’t choose the camera… believe me it’s not my first choice. on 06 Jun 12:49 collapse

Story of my life. What’s your ideal? on 06 Jun 13:37 collapse

ARRI Alexa35, with a set of Atlas Orion anamorphics. Amazing image, great weight, strong as a rock. Flies like butter. This Red camera is too light for me. I want the weight for extra inertia and balance. Second choice would be Sony Venice2 with some Cooke series. on 06 Jun 19:16 collapse

You shoot HDE files on the Alexa35? My post team recently got back a mag that Premiere (even Beta) absolutely refused to read even after trying it run it through Arri’s HDE decoder software. Couldn’t get it to load on Avid either, but could just be lacking some weird extension. Had to make ProRes transcodes through Resolve which was painful af to toss all that quality out. on 06 Jun 21:07 collapse

I have no idea. I like the A35 because it’s the perfect size and weight for Steadicam (although the 24v+ power is annoying). on 06 Jun 13:49 next collapse

The 3DS Pokémon games are so much better than the newest ones on switch, it’s crazy. I recently got the two newest mainline games on switch to play with my little brother, and it’s just so bad compared to my long running play throughs of White2 and Y. on 06 Jun 14:05 next collapse

Do you mean Scarlet and Violet? I largely agree, but the Blueberry Academy DLC was pretty good. It is set in Unova with a lot of Gen V pokemon added and references to those games.

In general, I’d say that the SV main game is one of the worse ones, but the post-game is among the best.

Gen 5 is still the best though. on 06 Jun 20:34 collapse

Arceus is great and I hope they don’t squash the life out of the new Legends game, thinking that the success behind their break from the formula was a new formula. on 06 Jun 20:17 next collapse

That feeling when the 3DS is considered retro… And you still remember the NDSL being shiny hot new stuff. on 06 Jun 23:32 collapse

The fun part of getting older when you go from getting the hot new thing fresh on the market to I just bought that retro thing…when it was new last ummm oh… nevermind. on 06 Jun 22:22 collapse

Oh hey I just picked up a 2ds too for some pokemon adventure.