Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - Aerith's funeral (
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Does this make anybody…cry?


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Spoiler alert! on 01 Apr 2024 02:02 next collapse

I remember back in the GameFAQs days when even saying something like “heiress dyes” would get you banned for spoilers. on 01 Apr 2024 13:50 collapse

Yeah, sorry. on 01 Apr 2024 14:00 collapse

Don’t be. The game is like 100 years old. on 01 Apr 2024 02:11 next collapse

I was pretty shocked that it was permanent.

I also wondered, if he dropped her straight down into a bottomless hole, what was he standing on just 2 seconds earlier? on 01 Apr 2024 14:29 collapse

That used to bother me a bit too, but then i figured if he’s strong enough to do a sweet one arm pull-up while carrying Tifa in the other to pull them back into the Highwind when she nearly falls out, then he’s probably strong enough to dolphin kick holding himself halfway out of the water looking completely motionless. on 01 Apr 2024 04:39 next collapse

I didn’t get into Final Fantasy until 8. So I’ve always known she dies. It didn’t do anything for me when she did.

However, I did feel like her death was a surprisingly long way into the game despite being disc 1. on 01 Apr 2024 06:33 next collapse

It’s at least disc 2, disc 1 ends when you leave midgar

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No it doesn’t. This is where Disc 1 ends.

It’s after this cutscene that the game asks for Disc 2. on 01 Apr 2024 10:17 collapse

Leaving Midgar is barely the beginning of disc 1 of the original game. Cosmo Canyon, the Gold Saucer, Corel Prison, Rocket Town and a lot more are all disc 1. on 07 Apr 2024 09:56 collapse

Huh weird, I guess remake must have messed with my memory on 01 Apr 2024 08:57 collapse

I didn’t get into Final Fantasy until 8. So I’ve always known she dies. It didn’t do anything for me when she did.

Same. Plus the characters are meh in FF7 in my opinion, I didn’t really get attached to them. on 02 Apr 2024 11:22 collapse

I’ve only played FF7 for the first time recently. I’m in the process of playing FF8 right now and honestly, I care about the story and characters more in the latter. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or having been spoiled for so long on FF7 plot beats but not FF8, or what. 8 seems to be striking more chords for me. on 03 Apr 2024 21:53 collapse

Who doesn’t like a cheerful and full of hope Selphie? Or a cool duster wearing guy? Or a Man with a Machine Gun? Even Squall, the stereotype has an okay-personality while Cloud seem so… empty? on 01 Apr 2024 15:25 collapse

When I first played Final Fantasy 7, it was a shining moment in my friend group. They had played the game years previous and had loved it, and they were introducing me to it. This was the first turn-based strategy game I had ever played, and I was legit into it. I’d be playing when they got home from work or classes, and they’d just chill on the couch watching me play.

This had been going on for like a week or so, and I was nearing this tumultuous. pivotal moment in the game. My friends, knowing this would soon happen, had been watching more intently, asking probing questions about who I liked more, Tifa or Arith, among other little jabs, hinting at their foreknowledge without spoiling it.

And that’s when it happened, a newer friend to the group walked in, shot a glance at the screen, looked at everyone and said “Oh, FF7. Arith died yet?”

The entire room went slackjawed, and I believe an assortment of random objects were thrown at him, but what was said had been heard, and when Arith died in-game just minutes later, I felt robbed.

Haven’t really cared about getting engrossed into a single-player game since.