Polaris Snocross discussion
from MacedWindow@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 19:08

Recently grabbed this for PS1. Thought it was pretty awful at first but still playing it an hour later and I’m pretty hooked. Its super hard though! Not much discussion online so I wanted to see if anyone else has played it and maybe has some advice.

I have seen the Game Dungeon on it.


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Glifted@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 19:50 next collapse

Played this relentlessly back in the day. My family all rode snowmobiles so I was probably more into it than it deserved

Doesntpostmuch@possumpat.io on 07 Jul 23:01 next collapse

Check out the PS1 game, jetmoto, this screenshot reminds me of it. Loved that game.

MacedWindow@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 23:15 collapse

I love jetmoto! Such a good soundtrack in that game.

dom@lemmy.ca on 08 Jul 00:30 collapse

Looks just like SledStorm. Another ps1 sledding game