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Sonic Mania Dreamcast Port Has Sega Fans Going Wild

A 2017 game for various platforms has now been ported to the Dreamcast, surprising many gamers. Sonic Mania, originally released on consoles like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, is now running smoothly on this console from 1998.

Sega fans are appreciating how the Dreamcast, though ahead of its time, could still support such games despite being released decades ago. The port was made possible through technical wizardry from developers like Falco Girgis and @SonicFreak94 using advanced tools and techniques.

For those interested in retro gaming and tech innovation, this news highlights the enduring spirit of creating and enjoying classic titles on modern platforms. It’s a testament to the dedication of the gaming community in preserving and celebrating the past.


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This shit makes me so happy. I miss my dreamcast. I was the only person I knew with one, and I would brag about it all the time. on 05 Jul 10:31 next collapse

Man it sounded like a jet engine going off in your living room, but it was so very cool. I loved mine. on 05 Jul 11:50 next collapse

I got a used one as a university student while living in Japan. I had never played one before, but to this day I think it’s one of the coolest systems ever made.

The controllers feel so good in your hands, although the cord coming out of the bottom is weird. The VMUs are such a perfect 90s thing. on 05 Jul 15:22 collapse

I’ll never forgive my brother for selling his for nothing. I would’ve paid double for it easily on 05 Jul 15:33 next collapse

I really wish I could find time to work on the PSP port of RSDKv4 lol

It runs at like 2 FPS currently thanks to everything being run in software mode.

I was actually amazed at how otherwise simple it was to get running. Technically all it needed was SDL which was already on PSP. on 08 Jul 04:48 collapse

I’m hoping this isn’t another case of fans taking a game and porting it to another console or doing massive upgrades/updates only to not release it to avoid copyright. I’d absolutely love to play this on my Dreamcast.