Recompilation: An Incredible New Way to Keep N64 Games Alive (
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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 12 May 15:05 next collapse

This is unreal. I’m looking forward to a new wave of modern ports for N64 games I missed. on 12 May 16:37 next collapse

I was able to get the Zelda one working via compiling the tool with the assets. With the new tooling, has anyone been able to get any other games working? on 12 May 19:02 collapse

I have no idea how to compile the tool, and there are no complete instructions in the github page. Otherwise I would have tried by now. on 12 May 19:55 collapse

The tool is pretty easy to compile:

The issue is getting the elf and assets files. z64 files are easy to get/find/generate. Thats about all I know. on 12 May 19:33 next collapse

Having Goldeneye 007 on PC would be great. on 12 May 20:44 next collapse

With mappable mouse keyboard controls I imagine it would be really fun on 12 May 21:20 collapse

Modding would take it to the next level. You could do all kinds of stuff with that. on 12 May 23:00 next collapse

There is a fan remake in source if that’ll do for you. on 13 May 05:44 collapse

That’s on|y the multiplayer if I remember correctly. on 12 May 23:42 collapse

I’ve played Golden Eye on PC through a hacked emulator that was updated for modern control schemes (and kb/m!) as well as running at 60 fps and higher resolutions. Idk about the rules for posting links, but it played like butter and i had so much fun playing the campaign.

It was similar experience to playing the Metroid Prime series through a hacked dolphin emulator. Insane what people are capable of doing. on 13 May 00:52 collapse

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