Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII & 18 Other Previously Lost i-Mode Games Have Been Preserved | Time Extension (
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A Treasure Trove of Gaming History has been Recovered! Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and an additional 18 Square Enix i-Mode games, thought lost to history, have resurfaced. This impressive haul includes various Kingdom Hearts titles, and the recovery process involved using a debug cable method devised by the Kahvibreak Discord member XYZ.

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The incredible efforts of researchers like RockmanCosmo and Twitter user @NaoyaShinota, employing a custom debug cable and Linux scripts, have brought back games such as Final Fantasy 4 After Years, Final Fantasy Legends, and the Kingdom Hearts Card Struggle series.

For enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to revisit these titles on emulators like DoJa SDK. However, some games like Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII still require more work to be made functional.

Have you played any of these Square Enix feature phone games?


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This is great news! Hopefully we can get some translations done for these