Check out EmuVR if you haven't yet, its free and VR is not required! (
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Emu VR is a game that gives you a virtual room that you can customize like crazy. You can play all your emulated games, watch movies, listen to music, etc. It even has multiplayer! Just recently they added support for user generated content (UGC), and the community has been adding tons of stuff. Even if you don’t plan to play, their discord has tons of retro game content as the community is often hunting for old games and 80’s/90’s paraphernalia.

I’ve been slowly customizing my room, enjoying playing older games in a way that gives you that same feeling as back in the day. I noticed this community posts similar stuff and I think you guys would like the vibe. It’s free and not too difficult to setup!


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I saw this when I got my Quest. Had some system issues and totally forgot about it. Doesn’t look like it’s been updated in over a year now though according to the changelog?

Also, I can’t seem to find a discord link on the site. Is it Patreon member only? on 21 Jan 2024 20:10 collapse

Its still being developed! The discord is not patreon only, but it looks like the invite links on the wiki are broken and invites are turned off at the moment, Ill see if I can find a link that works… on 21 Jan 2024 22:40 collapse

Cool! I appreciate it!

I did some looking around and it looks like they closed the public invite because they were getting raided repeatedly. So if they only do private invites let me know. on 21 Jan 2024 19:06 next collapse

Oh hey, this reminds me of Anarchy Arcade from back in the day. on 21 Jan 2024 20:52 next collapse

I've known about EmuVR for a long time now. I absolutely love the idea. I don't have VR yet, and I don't want to spoil it for myself by playing without VR. Right now I'm torn between waiting for Valve's "Deckard", buying the Valve Index, or buying the Quest 3. I have an RTX 4090, so I know my computer is more than capable.

I can probably count on one hand how many things I'm excited to do in VR, and EmuVR is one of them. on 21 Jan 2024 22:00 collapse

Anyone who’s interested in VR but doesn’t want the high outlay or to commit to particular hardware just yet, and has any half-decent Android or iOS phone, should check out VRidge from RiftCat. It turns your phone into a Steam-compatible VR headset; just get one of those head-mounted phone holders and away you go.

VR controls can be an issue; the software lets you fake them with a standard game controller, but I haven’t found any easy way to have full VR controls (real first-party VR controllers all seem to be tied to the headset, and third-party software that uses things like Wii remotes and Sony PS Move controllers seems complicated and fiddly). But for this EmuVR I don’t think that VR controls are likely to be a sticking point.

EDIT: The VRidge site says that it supports iOS as well. on 21 Jan 2024 22:28 next collapse

Coincidentally, I spent about two hours last night just finding pictures I could use for posters. Then I downloaded all kinds of user made content, and haven't even gotten into doing anything with it yet. I've only actually played one game so far. Lol on 22 Jan 2024 00:38 next collapse

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Showing windows only. Anyone got this running on Linux yet ? on 22 Jan 2024 05:15 collapse

Oh that is genius. I doubt I would ever make much use of this myself (hell, I don’t even own a VR headset), but I can 100% see the appeal, and the audience it’s intended for.

VR games have generally been a very limited product in terms of their appeal (mostly because its almost impossible to solve the movement problem, and games mostly depend on movement), but I think VR does hold fascinating potential as a tool for long distance social interaction. The ability to give the feeling of sharing physical space to online interactions is something that only VR can really offer.