Miyoo Mini+
from c0smokram3r@midwest.social to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 23:32

Finally got it all set up just how I want it, sorta. Thinking of getting some button mods to make it more unique ◾️


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clay_pidgin@sh.itjust.works on 01 Jul 23:47 next collapse

So this looks cool. I went to their website and it said it comes with thousands of games. I guess it’s just loaded with ROMs and it’s a matter of time before they get shut down?

Might need to get one before that. How do you like it? I see it’s running Retro Arch.

NOT_RICK@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 00:16 next collapse

These Chinese companies are all over the place, they’re going to have a hard time stopping them all. I have an Anbernic myself, it’s a great little device

Evil_Shrubbery@lemm.ee on 02 Jul 00:22 collapse

Yes, this is not getting shut down, nor should it.

Tho there are more comprehensive collections found online, with proper names (for Miyoo), art, and micro adjustments to their emulators for better performance/look.

c0smokram3r@midwest.social on 02 Jul 00:40 next collapse

I installed onion os like all the beginner guides recommend! Pretty much followed those guides to get set up with onion os + tiny best set roms, w the 64+128gb expansion packs & some ports. Added a few anime films, too, since I had the space available.

I am loving it so far! 11/10 recommend! 👾

CorrodedCranium@leminal.space on 02 Jul 01:04 collapse

Just a heads up the “10,000 in 1” game claims that every of these devices advertises isn’t something you should consider. It’s going to be a lot of games you’ve never heard of for older systems like the NES so they fit on lower capacity SD cards. Potentially in multiple languages. It also comes on SD cards most people would recommend replacing.

It’s better to just download the entire library, individual games, or an already curated collection.

clay_pidgin@sh.itjust.works on 02 Jul 01:44 collapse

Thank you for that.

CptEnder@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 05:20 collapse

The hardware definitely is worth it. I have one and absolutely love it. Most people just customize it after the fact. I haven’t yet, but plan to. Especially with retro achievements.

clay_pidgin@sh.itjust.works on 02 Jul 05:29 collapse

Thanks for the rec, Chief.

www.retroarch.com/?page=achievements interesting.

CorrodedCranium@leminal.space on 02 Jul 08:12 collapse

I think Batocera-based custom firmwares can show retro achievement availability from the games list


Takahe@lemmy.nz on 01 Jul 23:50 next collapse

Looks good! I got one a couple of weeks ago too. I got the DMG ‘grey’ version but I am a bit disappointed and wish I got the black. Its far more brown than I expected

Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 01:05 collapse

I found the white one at a local games reseller shop. I wish it were the DMG grey, as that’s what my Miyo Mini is (small size). If you’re near Cleveland, wanna trade?

Takahe@lemmy.nz on 02 Jul 04:15 collapse

I would love too, but New Zealand is a little far…

gibmiser@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 23:59 next collapse

Good luck controlling the camera

stallmer@sopuli.xyz on 02 Jul 02:55 collapse

Yeah, but it’s not like camera control is great with an N64 or any other controller either.

Evil_Shrubbery@lemm.ee on 02 Jul 00:25 next collapse

OnionOS ftw!!

Absolutely recommend: github/Onion

Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 01:03 collapse

Maaaaaaaaaaan, I installed OnionOS on my Mini+ a few weeks ago. Imported half of my roms (still working on it), and then literally 3 days after I did that, OnionOS has an update. Since the Mini+ has wifi, I should be allowed to just say “Update over wifi”, and that’s the only step. Make sure you have a charged battery, press update, and let it go.

Not sure I’ll manually update until there’s something major. I’m not going through the effort to go from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1.

Evil_Shrubbery@lemm.ee on 02 Jul 07:02 collapse

I mean, update if there is a major new function you would like (or a bug that bugs you).

Its not like it needs security updates.

Also, hmm, never even connected mine to any wifi.

Blue_Morpho@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 01:51 next collapse

OnionOS changed my entire mindset about what a retro handheld should be. I have an Anbernic 351m, Retroid 3+, and now a mini.

The mini, despite being technically inferior is by far my favorite because of OnionOS. Being able to turn it on, have it start right where I left off, and then ignore it and it completely turns itself off- not sleep makes it so easy that I play it all the time.

Retroid means Android which means it sleeps instead of powering off. And fill power on is slow. And configuring a Game Front End is always extremely time consuming.

Onion just works. If they added a single Thumbstick to the Miyoo, it could handle N64 and I wouldn’t need anything else.

graymess@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 20:22 collapse

Definitely waiting for the Miyoo A30 to get Onion.

kandoh@reddthat.com on 02 Jul 02:29 next collapse

I’ve got Wario World 4 and the PlayStation Harvest Moon on mine.

tehmics@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 09:09 collapse

Playing Mario 64 with a d-pad is just as bad now as it was on the DS

Voyajer@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 12:12 next collapse

I didn’t remember it being that bad on the DS, isn’t there a way to smooth turn with the touch screen?

tehmics@lemmy.world on 02 Jul 12:20 collapse

Yes and it’s also terrible. It goes without saying really

shinratdr@lemmy.ca on 04 Jul 00:51 collapse

Yep, and there is no excuse when an R36S keeps dropping to like $30 on AliExpress. It plays beautifully on that with the analogue stick and proper GPU.

The Miyoo Mini is a great device but SM64 is not its strong suit. Even the RG Nano has a better port.