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You wake up. The room is spinning very gently round your head. Or at least it would be if you could see it which you can’t.

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Holy hell I haven’t played this in decades!

There goes my productivity for the day… on 21 Jun 2024 00:58 collapse

Turn on the light. on 21 Jun 2024 05:30 collapse

Good start to the day.
Pity it’s going to be the worst one of your life. The light is now on.

Bedroom, in the bed

The bedroom is a mess. It is a small bedroom with a faded carpet and old wallpaper. There is a washbasin, a chair with a tatty dressing gown slung over it, and a window with the curtains drawn. Near the exit leading south is a phone. There is a flathead screwdriver here. (outside the bed) There is a toothbrush here. (outside the bed) on 21 Jun 2024 06:35 collapse

Pick up screwdriver

Edit: I’m so glad this is playable on my phone, I’ve got fuck all on the books for work today, so I know what I’m doing! on 21 Jun 2024 06:44 collapse

You lunge for it, but the room spins nauseatingly away. The floor gives you a light tap on the forehead. on 20 Jun 2024 18:55 next collapse

Text adventure games are awesome.

Always remember to bring your towel. on 20 Jun 2024 22:18 collapse

Did a unit on interactive fiction for a grad seminar once, and sent a link to the Infocom Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game as an optional primer. No one in the room except the prof and one guy who was experimenting with MUDs at the time had ever played a text adventure.

I mean, that was fun for me on 20 Jun 2024 19:08 next collapse

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Never even played Zork once yet I will always think of this track when it comes up. on 20 Jun 2024 21:48 collapse

MUDs were fun and underappreciated. As a bonus, not realizing that there were keyboard shortcuts led me to becoming the fastest typist I knew.