Someone posted their fixed up NES earlier. Here's a pretty awesome ASMR-styled restoration of a Super Nintendo (
from to on 20 Aug 2023 12:10


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Tysy is one of the better channels but 99% of restoration videos around are “watch me clean this thing that I intentionally made dirty beforehand”… on 20 Aug 2023 13:29 next collapse

The Retro Future made a hilarious parody of those videos, I think he was pretty fed up with them on 20 Aug 2023 14:28 next collapse

I loved the Retro Future even before he took a stance on these fake restos. It's a bit crazy how much of the old console resto scene is quite fake after seeing Elliot's videos about it. I respect the hell out of that guy on 20 Aug 2023 15:38 collapse

Yeah he’s one of my favorites, I think he had a pretty rough year last year and you could see it in his content but it seems like things have been better for him lately - his Japan videos are really cool. on 20 Aug 2023 15:37 collapse

Thanks. Thats pretty funny and spot on.

I’d forgotten about TRF and haven’t watched since he did the Sony Walkman video years ago. on 20 Aug 2023 20:07 collapse

Honestly the thumbnail literally looks like they made it dirty on purpose with a coffee/tea soaked rag. The only reason I believe it isnt is because Tysy uploaded it. on 20 Aug 2023 12:53 next collapse

on the one hand that’s a gross yellow-brown color

on the other hand it’s tantalizingly close to a burnished gold. They should try to bring out some sort of metallic tone on it and just take it the rest of the way there. on 20 Aug 2023 13:28 collapse

Tysytube is great. I also highly recommend OddTinkering for console restorations. They do a great job.