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Two things

1 This guy’s mouth is huge lol

2 This console just extract the rom and play it on an emulator? If so then what’s the point? Given the huge price on 31 Mar 21:23 next collapse

People who have large collections of physical games, especially things like tg16, often have money to spend on this kind of thing.

It let’s them play their original games and gives a nice enough interface around it on 31 Mar 21:34 next collapse

I guess it would be for someone who wants a collection of physical games, but doesn’t have room for the consoles? It does seem like an odd thing to want. on 05 Apr 17:00 collapse

I think it made more sense originally when it was going to be fpga. Getting solid emulation for some of the more difficult and rare consoles back in 2018 would have given people at least a taste of how the consoles felt I guess. on 31 Mar 19:35 collapse

I think the true summary is that this is a deeply flawed software emulation system that can read original CD/DVD/Carts and use original controllers.

Really looking at the actual performance it seems worse than running these emulators via something like emulation station with a bunch of image / roms. on 31 Mar 21:35 next collapse

Can’t disagree with that. I’m struggling to see how there’s a big market of people who want to collect physical games for a wide variety of systems, but not the consoles themselves. on 31 Mar 22:38 collapse

For those with the physical games they also probably want genuine/1:1 playback. There are a number of FPGA based options now that provide a near perfect original experience but with modern options.

I really like the modular idea but the actual play experience looked horrible and the cartridge/controller modules are expensive. on 01 Apr 15:28 collapse

Being charitable I think I’d describe the software as in it’s early stages, or some similar euphemism. Don’t know anything about the company, but if their statement in the video about fixes coming in the next release is to be believed then it does seem like this is a bit of a beta but they do care about making a good bit of kit.

Not something I’d ever consider shelling out for but I really like that people care enough to make this sort of thing!