SoulCaliber II - Nintendo GameCube
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The GameCube really is underrated.


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Such a great game. A group of my friends and I booted it up recently and spent the night just playing the campaign. on 03 Jun 15:07 next collapse

hell yea it is. Resident evil remake for the GC is still one of my favorite games to this day! Soul Caliber is another timeless classic on 03 Jun 15:16 next collapse

Many, many hours of Double dash and smash bros melee were played with friends. on 03 Jun 19:14 collapse

Double Dash was peak MK. It was so rage inducing with my friends that they weren’t allowed to be on the same team cause they would always fight. on 03 Jun 15:51 next collapse

The one universe where Link is not incredibly OP. on 03 Jun 18:37 collapse

Are you kidding? Link is by far the most broken character. That grab and throw your opponent into the pit behind you trick is total BS. As is the upswipe and shoot with an arrow before they hit the ground move. You can just mop the floor against any non-Link character so easily. And that’s true whether both players are button mashing or both investing in learning the combos. (And to a surprising extent if the Link player is a button masher and the opponent is “good”.)

And I say that as the douchebag who always played as Link. My record is 63 to 3 in one afternoon against a player who played/practiced just as much as I did and his character of choice was Nightmare. He knew the juggling combos and all just like I did, but Link is just broken beyond belief.

Just like Kirby in Super Smash Brothers 64. (They nerfed Kirby a good amount in later Smash Brothers installments.) on 03 Jun 18:48 next collapse

I mained Ivy, so maybe it was just range & constant sidestepping that gave me no issues with Link. on 03 Jun 21:37 next collapse

Or Meta Knight in Brawl or Bayonetta in Smash 4, haha. on 03 Jun 22:22 collapse

Isn’t this the one where picking Raphael and mashing the crap outta “Y” was basically a braindead victory every time? on 03 Jun 15:59 next collapse

I never had one. on 03 Jun 18:05 collapse

Find a used one if you can. It was definitely one of my favorites. My Pikmin and Animal Crossing lives started there.

It was just a good solid system. on 03 Jun 19:51 next collapse

The closest I’ll have is my Switch LOL and I’m waiting for Kung Fu to make its way there on 04 Jun 00:19 collapse

Also, there’s 2 versions of GameCube. The OG run is capable of 480p via Component cables, this was removed in the later runs.

If you’re looking, that first run is the way to go. on 03 Jun 15:59 next collapse

I have every version of SC2. For the special characters ofc.

So fun! on 03 Jun 16:05 next collapse

I was sooooo salty when SC III went PS2 exclusive. I mean not really but I was pretty bummed back then. Until I got a PS2 to go with my GameCube and Xbox, at least.

Soul Calibur was one of the few fighting games I really enjoyed because of the different weapons and stats they could have. It really set it apart from the other fighting games back then like DBZ, Bloody Roar, Mortal Kombat, etc.

The intro cinematics were pretty epic for their time too! on 03 Jun 16:37 next collapse

Gamecube is in no way underrated. It’s constantly jacked off to. Me included. stares seductively at the cube on 03 Jun 16:51 next collapse

I never understood where the E in the title comes from. Is that a decades old mistake, a meme or was there a mispronounced bootleg version somewhere? on 03 Jun 17:10 next collapse

Just a mistake I think. Americans are so steeped in gun culture that when they hear calibur, their brain goes immediately to gun calibers. Autocorrect also might play a role. on 03 Jun 20:14 collapse

Haha yeah I also was thinking of autocorrect but SC is actually too old for that being the source.

Americans, maybe. OPs name does not sound American though. (Halbgott, German = Demigod) on 03 Jun 18:39 next collapse

I’ll always remember being 14 and going to get my pre-ordered copy of SC2. It came with a free t-shirt. They hand me this shirt which is just a giant picture of Ivy wearing basically nothing. The look on my mom’s face lol on 04 Jun 03:01 collapse

It’s just because caliber is a real word, but calibur isn’t. It’s been used for a long time in different media to name swords after King Arthur’s sword Excalibur. on 03 Jun 17:32 next collapse

Peak SC.

That said, I wait for retroachevements before I dive back into my gcn collection. on 03 Jun 21:47 collapse

2 was the best for actual fighting gameplay, 3 had the best outside content (good campaigns, extra modes, and create-a-fighter with actual unique movesets), IMO. 4 just felt underwhelming (they gutted pretty much everything but a brutally short story mode and arcade ladder and then PVP) and had the real most broken guest characters (the Star Wars characters). 5 is the “black sheep” of the franchise but I actually still enjoyed the short time I had with it, I liked the new characters that weren’t copies/descendants of the old cast. 6 felt mid to me, don’t have much to say about it since I played it even less than 5. on 04 Jun 04:14 collapse

Thought you stretched the game but looks like it supports widescreen.