C64 Spindizzy remake - IsoRealms Spindizzy and Isorealms Engine (sourceforge.net)
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This game may bring back some fond memories :)

IsoRealms Spindizzy Launch Trailer

Spindizzy is a remake of the 1986 classic computer game of the same name, originally developed by Paul Shirley. The remake features true 3D OpenGL graphics and runs on a custom-built engine called Isorealms.

In Spindizzy, you are cartographer for undiscovered worlds; your task is to explore and map all areas of the recently discovered strange dimension of Hangworld. In order to complete your task, you take control of GERALD. However, fuel is expensive and funding can only be supplied as long as progress is being made, so it is vital to explore new areas and recover jewels.

The Isorealms engine features a complete content creation toolkit for modifying and extending Spindizzy, as well as offering the opportunity to create entirely new projects from scratch.

Isorealms content creation tools are aimed at users of all experiences, from those who simply want to build new worlds to those who want to take advantage of advanced features such as Lua scripting and custom asset importation.


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IsoRealms Spindizzy Launch Trailer

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Gotta love that classic sound design :^)

Its cool that passionate people can bring back forgotten projects like this (well I guess not forgotten by everyone)

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Oh I played the shit out of that back when I wasn’t old! But on ZXSpectrum, not C64.