Analogue is shipping its TurboGrafx console and restocking Pockets (
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For anyone on the fence and has seen all the online “controversy” that always follows analogue, I can say I bought my pocket a long time ago (first batch), and I’ve loved it ever since.

It’s absolutely that switch-like classic gaming experience I’ve wanted. No lag like android based systems (i went through a few of those), and I can play on my big tv when I want, and everything looks so. Damn. Good.

Loved every minute I have spent with the thing and don’t regret it for a moment on 01 Dec 2023 21:42 next collapse

To give an opposite take, I bought my pocket and haven’t done a damn thing with. It’s a bit of a project to get the firmware and games on it so it’s kind of just sitting there.

More on me than the pocket. on 01 Dec 2023 22:31 collapse

Yeah, I mean, I mostly just play with rom carts.

But also, that’s like buying a ps5 and then never buying a game for it. A lot of money is just sitting on your desk. on 01 Dec 2023 22:37 next collapse

This is why I returned all my android based handhelds but kept the Miyoo Mini+. It’s a totally focused gaming experience without any fiddling around, especially if you use one of the curated ROM sets. on 01 Dec 2023 23:48 next collapse

Same here. I love this little Pocket of mine (and even started a small collection). Probably one of the best purchase I made. I play it everyday, (re-)discover some of the best Gameboy games in the best possible conditions. Too bad Analogue communication is so bad and that they are unable to provide enough Pockets for everyone, leading to the classic scalping stuff :/. on 02 Dec 2023 01:46 collapse

What controversy do you mean? I didn't follow Analogue Pocket too closely, so I'm not up to date. on 02 Dec 2023 07:57 collapse

Well, Analogue does not communicate that much. They promised a lot of features but did not deliver all of them yet (even 2 years after the Pocket release). It’s also difficult to buy their products, which attract the greed of the scalpers. And they generally rely on pre-orders, meaning you pay everything upfront 1 year in advance (tough this seems to change a bit, they have in stock the Pocket they sell now).

Amazing hardware but poor communication, software (very slow to get any update), and frustrating to buy from.

While I can understand the general « mood » about Analogue, I really love my Pocket, and I almost had all the features I wanted day one, so I do not complain.