Have an RG353V coming today
from RavenFellBlade@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 13 Oct 2023 15:10

I want to stay away from the Site That Shall Not Be Named, so I figured I would check on Lemmy.world for some useful info.

Got an Anbernic RG353V coming in today, and I’m just curious about what I should know getting started with it? I’m trying to temper expectations and have an idea of how to get the best experience possible from it.


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NOT_RICK@lemmy.world on 13 Oct 2023 15:16 next collapse

Love my 353v, but I did do some hardware mods to make it even better. I don’t know if you’re comfortable with opening up electronics but I had a great experience upgrading the shoulder buttons and the D pad

Also, it’s not generally advised to use the SD cards the system comes with as they’re cheap and prone to corruption.

RavenFellBlade@lemmy.world on 14 Oct 2023 22:18 collapse

I already did full backups of both cards and moved the games over to a 200gb Lexar card, along with my own ROM archives. The one thing I have found a consensus on with these systems is that the default cards are garbage.

agnostictofu@lemmy.world on 13 Oct 2023 15:29 collapse

I got mine a few weeks ago and love it. I recommend you check Retro Game Corp’s YouTube channel. These machines have a learning curve and there are as many opinions as users regarding what to do or tweak.

I did the following steps: 1. Installed ArkOS. 2. Downloaded ROMs (there is a Reddit thread called “A curated and scraped ROM collection - 2.0 Reupload”; downloaded and selected the ones I wanted). 3. Played with the scrapper, theme master, etc. to adjust preferences. 4. Tried different emulator settings when a game was not working well (very useful with N64 games).

I just finished Ocarina of Time and I’m playing Metal Gear Solid and it has been a blast! Hope you enjoy your experience.

NOT_RICK@lemmy.world on 13 Oct 2023 15:34 collapse

I second installing Arkos. RGC’s videos are a great means of learning about your new system

Mononon@lemmy.world on 13 Oct 2023 17:28 next collapse

He also has great written guides on his website.

RavenFellBlade@lemmy.world on 14 Oct 2023 22:09 collapse

So what makes ArkOS better? I’m looking into trying this.