Another GameBoy Bluetooth Controller
from to on 13 Apr 2024 22:08

I happen to have a board from my FunnyPlaying build so I figured I’d give it a shot. Used enamel wire to make the button contacts and got 3.3v from the cart slot. I also removed the caps as to not power any circuits that didn’t need (CPU and RAM were donors to the other board). Power is provided via AA batteries.


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I want several of these. on 14 Apr 2024 00:47 collapse

Time to get soldering then on 14 Apr 2024 00:38 next collapse

That is dope on 14 Apr 2024 00:47 collapse

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Are there mods like this where you can use a functioning divide as a controller? on 14 Apr 2024 02:49 collapse

There are and they work very well(3ms latency). No mods required .…/wireless-gameboy-control… on 14 Apr 2024 04:12 collapse

That’s sick as hell on 14 Apr 2024 12:20 collapse

Very cool!