Lucky DS game haul form local librarys "free stuff" section
from to on 30 May 11:25

got a local library/bookstore that has a “take our free shit” window. They had 4 ds games there today, mint condition, like spotless stuff. 99% durability on those babys.


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Wow even still with manuals, nice find! on 30 May 14:48 collapse

At first I’m like “well my R4 has like every game”

Then I thought “oooOOOo manuals!” on 30 May 12:37 next collapse

Oh no it’s all German! :) on 30 May 13:12 collapse

oh no, im austrian on 30 May 15:58 next collapse

Are you ok? on 30 May 16:02 collapse

well, i certainly am alive, i think, so that should count for something on 30 May 16:04 collapse

Oh no watch out for kangaroos while you learn German. I know I know, watch out for Chamois though on 30 May 12:43 next collapse

DS is retro now

<img alt="" src=""> on 30 May 12:46 next collapse

I hate to tell you but Wii is retro too on 01 Jun 06:40 collapse

Just 2 more years and Playstation 3 will be retro, if the requirement is being 20 years or older. on 30 May 14:15 collapse

Considering I received my first one nearly twenty years ago, yes on 30 May 12:49 next collapse

Wow, orcs and elves is actually a great find!

That and Fighting Fantasy where, perhaps, the best first person fantasy games on the system. on 30 May 13:11 collapse

yee, orcs and elves was the shit on 30 May 13:17 next collapse


  • An Ugly American on 30 May 14:36 collapse

Dude what on 30 May 14:50 next collapse

I’ve got two theories as to what that poster was trying to say:

Der Herr Der = Durr Hurr Durr


Der Herr Der = reference to “Die Bart, Die”

But as to the real meaning: Der Herr Der Elemente = The Master Of Elements on 30 May 15:15 next collapse

this is like looking at a scholar, discovering new sacred texts, trying to explain it to a filthy commoner (like me), while the commoner stares blankly at the bewildered scholar trying to elborate on 31 May 08:05 collapse

Yeah so Der Herr Der is master/lord of the in German, and as an ugly American, I was making fun of how it sounds funny. Sucks to explain such a simple joke… on 31 May 15:30 collapse

Ah I see now, I didn’t read the subtitle of the avatar game lol. I thought you were leaving a weird angry comment on 30 May 16:09 collapse

It’s euro-peen for “ableism + america bad.”

OH but even better these games appear to be PAL, meaning decidedly not American. Guessing Germany from the German text. So hurr durr right back to him. on 30 May 14:25 next collapse

I’d probably just throw them away if they were mind and I ran across them. on 30 May 15:12 next collapse

…why? Is filling up landfills your hobby or something? on 30 May 15:14 collapse

who peed in your cheerios my man? why would you throw them away like that for literally any reason? on 01 Jun 06:25 collapse

Nothing malicious, I just don’t find value in them when I factor in trying to sell them locally. on 30 May 15:28 next collapse

There’s a Avatar game? Can I get the ROM for Lemuroid? on 30 May 15:31 next collapse

actually, there is even more, gba, ps2, choose your platform and youll find one on 30 May 15:32 collapse

Which is the one you got? Which has the best features? on 30 May 15:40 collapse

Tons but none of them are good, sadly. Low quality cash grabs on 30 May 17:43 next collapse

Orcs and Elves was a fun romp. It was hilarious when you tried to rip the dragon off instead of properly haggling and she just straight up fucking burns you on 30 May 17:47 collapse

man, i wish i knew dungeon crawlers better, id love to play more quaints ones like that on 30 May 20:02 collapse

In terms of Orcs and Elves? Unique.

There was fighting fantasy, Etrian Odyssey, The Dark Spire and …deep labyrinth (if you want to get REALLY niche)

Edit: Maze of fate. Another niche as hell one on 30 May 20:10 collapse

Ill check em out, thanks

But let me elaborate what I meant still

The game never took itself too seriously (drunken dwarfs ghosts are a good example)

The dragon bartering was super fun

Combat was simple but fun(im a smootbrain now, I like simpler stuff) on 01 Jun 07:35 next collapse

Oh yeah, Orcs & Elves, one of my absolute favourite games for the DS! on 01 Jun 08:52 collapse

In the future. If we find current games. When booted up. “Failed to connect to server” and the game is good as dead.