Van Buren Recreated: Canceled Fallout Game Revived by Modders (
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A dedicated group of modders has successfully recreated Van Buren, the canceled Fallout game originally developed by Black Isle Studios in 2003. The project, now known as Fallout Yesterday, is a Fallout 2 mod that has been in development since 2020. The mod has recently been released for free, allowing players to fully experience the game.

What do you all think? It does seem promising.


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Will probably check it out as I count myself among the Black Isle/Obsidian aficionados. Didn’t see a link to the mod in the article. Bit of a let-down that Yesterday does not seem to implement the 3D Jefferson Engine as was seen in the Van Buren tech demo, but props to these modders all the same! on 10 Jul 16:46 collapse

The link to the Mod is there. In the website article. on 12 Jul 02:37 collapse

I just wanted to say that I checked the site yesterday on two different devices, and there was no link (the relevant text was visible, but not a link).

I happened to look again today, and now the link is available on both devices. on 10 Jul 17:59 collapse

Does this still require the original Fallout 2?