Cherry blossoms, mecha, and cute anime girls? – Sakura Wars / Taisen (Sega Saturn) (
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Sakura Wars is set in a Steampunk Tokyo, in the 1920s, protected by a mysterious Imperial Assault Troop. The male protagonist, Ichiro Ogami, an Imperial Japanese Navy Ensign, is transferred to the Flower Division in order to become its captain. As he arrives at the Grand Imperial Theater, the theater manager, Ikki Yoneda, tells Ogami that his job will be… punching tickets? Ogami is, obviously, quite confused, as he expected to become a captain and fight alongside his soldiers. Quite disheartened, Ogami is about to give up and stay a ticket puncher forever, when, suddenly, a strange alarm rings, and the beautiful actresses of the company jump into their giant mecha armor, the Koubou, and it’s time to fight! Ogami and the Imperial Assault Troupe will have to protect the city from a nefarious force that plans to take over Tokyo.

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