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I know the second is the groundbreaking one, but I always had a soft spot for this one. on 08 Mar 2024 20:48 collapse

And while Dune 2 laid much of the initial groundwork for early real-time strategy games, I highly advise anyone from current times who is interested to play Dune 2000 instead. If you ask me, the original Command and Conquer (same developers, Westwood) is the actual genesis of the modern RTS, and Dune 2000 is built on the Command and Conquer engine and is this significantly less clunky and irritating to actually play.

And it’s got John Rhys-Davies in the cutscenes. You can’t really go wrong there. on 08 Mar 2024 21:46 next collapse

I loved the FMV cut scenes in Westwood Studios games. They always managed to get a minor celebrity as the games got bigger.

They also made a really good Diablo style game called Nox. on 08 Mar 2024 21:53 next collapse

Agreed Dune 2000 is a better experience with better quality of life mechanics but Dune 2 was definitely the actual genesis of modern rts, compared to C&C. All amazing games. Dune 2, for its time, but it’s definitely aged at this point I’m with you there. on 08 Mar 2024 23:42 next collapse

FOSS recreation of the oldschool C&C games + Dune 2000.

Edit: Also this - on 09 Mar 2024 23:05 collapse

I mean … Warcraft Orcs & Humans came out before c&c on 10 Mar 2024 00:45 collapse

Warcraft, especially the first one, was quite archiac compared to C&C. on 10 Mar 2024 04:11 next collapse

Command & Conquer released 2 months before Warcraft 2.

Dune was the genesis of the RTS and while command and conquer was fun it ultimately lost out to Warcraft / StarCraft on 10 Mar 2024 13:09 collapse

No one is arguing which game came out first. I didn’t say C&C was the first game. I said C&C was the first one to nail the modern RTS format, and because of that I think Dune 2000 is a less irritating game to play from a modern perspective than Dune 2. on 10 Mar 2024 13:46 collapse

And I’m simply stating otherwise.

C&C came after Warcraft and released effectively alongside Warcraft 2 which I would personally argue was the best rts entry at the time.

And given that the Warcraft/starcraft franchise lasted and command and conquer died off I’d personally argue that history points that way also but again, just my opinion. on 10 Mar 2024 19:41 collapse

Im a huge fan of the Warcraft rts games but you are right. Especially the first Warcraft felt like an ancient game compared to the first C&C, the controls were horrific (no right clicking on resources to send peons to it lol). on 10 Mar 2024 14:02 collapse

god damn it, pixel art is so much better looking than 3d models that it is ridiculous sometimes. I feel like we as a species are evolving into the wrong local minima wrt to computer graphics.