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Nintendo faced a challenge in promoting the innovative Satellaview add-on for its Super Famicom console in 1995. This new device utilized satellite technology to allow players to download games and access other media through a connection with St.GIGA, a Japanese satellite radio company. However, explaining the benefits of a satellite modem to average gamers was complex. To tackle this challenge, Nintendo created a special VHS promotional video that showcased available games and explained how the system functioned.

Thanks to preservation efforts by Hard4Games, this tape has been restored and is now accessible on YouTube for future audiences to enjoy and appreciate.

What’s the best advert you’ve seen for a console?


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This is sick, definitely gonna check that out later. The Satellaview is such a cool device, kinda retro futuristic. The idea of using satellites seems crazy today. What a shame it never released outside Japan. I guess making such a service work in other countries would have been really expensive.