Everdrive Black Friday Sale Starts Tomorrow (krikzz.com)
from v1605@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 21 Nov 2023 20:04

If you’ve been on the fence about getting an everdrive, 20% off makes one very appealing.


DonPiano@lemmy.ca on 21 Nov 2023 20:52 next collapse

What am I even looking at? The site doesn’t give any context for their products. Do these plug into old consoles?

any1th3r3@lemmy.ca on 21 Nov 2023 21:05 next collapse

From everdrivestore.com, “What is an Everdrive?”:

An Everdrive is a flash cartridge that allows you to play games on your console. The cartridge is easy to use. You “drag and drop” files from your computer onto a * micro SD card that you insert into the Everdrive. When you turn on your console, a list of games will appear. With your controller, you select the title, and you’re done!

v1605@lemmy.world on 21 Nov 2023 21:07 collapse

Everdrives are the top of the line flashcarts for various retro systems. They allow you to boot roms and romhacks on original hardware without any modification required. For each system, there are various price levels that give extra features. For example, the GB X7 provides a rtc (aka Pokemon games keep time) but is more expensive. The only sale they typically do during the year is Black Friday event.

otp@sh.itjust.works on 21 Nov 2023 21:46 next collapse

Do they do this every year? I don’t have all my retro equipment set up at the moment and I’ve got other priorities this year…but I’d be excited to get them eventually!

v1605@lemmy.world on 21 Nov 2023 22:03 collapse

So far every year yes.

otp@sh.itjust.works on 21 Nov 2023 22:51 collapse

Thanks for the heads up!

I got EmuMovies this year already and BigBox/LaunchBox last year since I’ve been leaning towards that end of retro gaming.

But once I get all my old stuff hooked up again, it’ll be great to get some Everdrives!

DigitalCatcher@lemmy.world on 21 Nov 2023 23:25 collapse

Do any of the GBA carts work with the Gen 4 Pokemon PAL Park feature? Or is there a different flashcart that works aside from Reproductions / Original Game Cartridges?

v1605@lemmy.world on 22 Nov 2023 00:16 collapse

It will not work with PAL park. I believe the EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition can use its “Mode B” but the build quality isn’t great with those and there are a lot of reports of people losing saves.

The other option would be something insidegagets flash cart but that also needs their flasher.

DigitalCatcher@lemmy.world on 22 Nov 2023 04:21 next collapse

Dang, that’s a real pretty penny for the InsideGadgets route! Still, that’s good to know that a decent DIY option exists for those that want to play the GBA Pokemon games without gambling with Reproductions or paying out retro scalpers.

pory@lemmy.world on 23 Nov 2023 10:42 collapse

It’s also possible to fake Pal Park. Pkhex can import a gen3 Pokémon into a gen 4 file, and any 3DS can back up, restore, and edit NDS Pokémon saves.

hansl@lemmy.world on 25 Nov 2023 00:34 collapse

You don’t technically need their flasher. Any flasher should do. Epilogue added support to theirs for those.